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Can your infrastructure keep up with deep learning and big data?

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High-Performance Hardware & Deployment Challenges

Data is changing the way businesses operate. And, the complexity and quantity of data that they work with continues to increase. Companies use data to optimize operations, personalize and enhance customer interactions, and power data-hungry enterprise tools. To improve their use of data, businesses are adopting HPC solutions that improve research and product development speeds.  

High-performance computing and storage require infrastructure that can process and analyze information quickly and securely while being powerful, flexible, and cost-effective. Equus understands the challenges of HPC and works as an extension of your team to provide the solutions and support your applications require. 

How HPC Works

A single processor can only handle so much data before it is overloaded. HPC nodes have all the processing, storage, and networking capabilities they need to operate independently. But, by tying these nodes together in a cluster, they become capable of processing immense amounts of data.

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HPC Infrastructure Solutions

Data is too complex to manage using manual processes. Businesses must use deep learning and AI tools to extract real-time insights and implement them before they expire. Where does HPC fit in? 

High-performance computing is the backbone of AI and deep learning tools. We help technology-driven companies build custom HPC solutions that speed up data insights and time-to-value. Our services adapt whether you need virtualization, containerization, private cloud capabilities, or another tool to power your data machine. Leverage our custom engineered HPC solutions to:

ellipse Shorten the time-to-value of your technology solutions
ellipse Extract data-powered insights in real-time 
ellipse Modernize workflows and virtualization
ellipse Simplify your HPC infrastructure with an end-to-end hardware solution
ellipse Lower the total cost of ownership 

How does Equus compare with our competitors in HPC infrastructure solutions? Our distinct product and service approaches highlight the answer:

Infrastructure Solutions


We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to HPC computing.

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Product Design

We present HPC design options prioritizing flexibility, performance, and functionality.  

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We stay up to date on global certifications, logistics, and deployment strategies to integrate your HPC technology quickly and efficiently.  

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Our team is an extension of your own. We’re continuously monitoring your HPC infrastructure and managing edge vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability.

High Performance Computing

Use Cases

Oil and Gas

HPC helps oil and gas companies optimize their processes. For example, HPC solutions analyze big data and extract insights that improve the efficiency of reservoir operations and reduce the risk of locating new wells.

Al & ML

Research Labs

Researchers need to process complex data to investigate new possibilities and test their theories. HPC solutions are vital if you want to get the most out of your research investment.

Al & ML

Financial Services

Financial institutions are going through a technological revolution. Technologies like smart contracts, blockchain, and cryptocurrency require high-performance computing to function.

Private Cloud Workload

Media and Entertainment

Media providers are constantly trying to provide more interactive content, gaming, and other features to their users. This type of media requires HPC infrastructure to deliver seamless and enjoyable experiences.


Simulation and Testing

Simulation and testing powered by HPC systems make it possible to test products and scenarios without investment or risk. This ability is instrumental in fields like engineering and manufacturing.

Data Storage & Analytics


HPC solutions are advancing modern medicine in many ways. One way is by helping healthcare organizations to collect and analyze raw data for vital health research, treatment possibilities, and innovative techniques.


Cloud Service Provider

Cloud providers have a sprawling infrastructure and need to meet the demands of millions of users. Only HPC solutions can provide the performance required to ensure a consistent and reliable user experience.

Data Storage & Analytics

HPC infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Designing the right HPC platform for your workloads is not a simple task. It starts with ensuring that the compute, storage, and networking subsystems are well designed. Then the platform is tested individually and virtually assorted to converge in a balanced manner and function as a harmonious cluster solution. 

Whatever your technical requirements, Equus has the knowledge, capabilities, and flexibility to optimize your HPC infrastructure — including needs at the regional, national, or global level.  


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