Seagate Lyve Solutions.

Featuring WekaFS, high-performing Maximum Flexibility and Mobility for Edge Cloud Infrastructure

Seagate Lyve Overview

Lyve is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate®—built for the distributed enterprise to capture the unstructured data explosion. Capture massive volumes of unstructured data while accelerating IT cost reduction with unrivaled cost per petabyte and a predictable as-a-service consumption mode. Deploy storage infrastructure closer to the data source. Bypass the public internet and overcome the barriers of data gravity that force data silos and deletion. Take control of your data and interconnect with any cloud or compute ecosystem to enhance your hybrid multicloud performance. Move your data to wherever it creates the most value with zero egress or access fees and support for rapid data transfer across edge and cloud storage environments. 

Seagate Lyve Benefits

ellipse Lyve complements your existing cloud infrastructure extending it to the edge-closer to the data source- to help you overcome the barriers of data gravity.

ellipse Predictable, simple, as-a-service consumption means no vendor lock-in and no surprises on your monthly bill.

ellipse Built on the hyperscale blueprint for unrivaled data economics at petabyte through exabyte scale.

ellipse Break down multi-cloud, multi-site data silos with automated, policy-driven orchestration for frictionless, rapid movement and ingestion of data from endpoint to edge to cloud.

Seagate Lyve

Trends Driving Mass Capacity Storage from Edge to Core

ECS Edge Diagram

Equus Solutions Using Seagate Lyve

Equus Compute solutions and Seagate Lyve partner together to provide organizations maximum flexibility and mobility for their edge technology infrastructure. Utilizing Seagate Lyve’s cloud capabilities with Equus’s integration experience , Equus designs, deploys, integrates and manages the customized infrastructure you need.   

For example, Equus recently partnered with Seagate Lyve to configure 3 flex-pod solutions for the edge. From micro to the core: 

ECS Ingest Pod

Ingest Pod

Pod design meant to be used at the 5g edge for data ingest and light ai workloads. Can be combined with ECS Edge Pod for retail edge, computer vision, etc.

  • SYS-210P-FRDN6T / SYS-220HE-FTNR / SYS-210SE-31D / E403-9D-16C-IPD2
  • Seagate Lyve Mobile Rack Receiver
  • Lyve Cloud
  • Optional NVIDIA AS5812-54T switch

Key Applications

  • 5G Core and Edge
  • AI Inference and Machine Learning
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
ECS Edge Pod

Edge Pod

Pod design for customer edge locations. Utilizes data from Ingest and Compute PODs for the customer to monetize. This will be specific to the end customer.

  • SMC IOT devices
  • CDN
  • Computer Vision

Key Applications

  • 5G Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • Edge AI Inferencing
  • Vehicle to Everything (C-V2X/V2X)
  • Virtualized Functions and Services
ECS Compute Pod

Compute Pod

Pod design meant to be used toward the core. ECS Ingest Pod sends data to Lyve Cloud to be pulled into Compute Pod.

  • 1+ SYS-420GU / AS-4124GQ (Universal GPU)
  • 8x Weka Nodes 100TB minimum
  • NVIDIA SN2700
  • NVIDIA AS5812-54T
  • Seagate Cortex Object Storage
  • Lyve Cloud

Key Applications

  • Multi-Access Edge Computing
  • Flex-RAN, Open-RAN vBBU
  • Telecom DRAN, CRAN, and Edge Core Application
  • Enterprise Edge Computing

Seagate Lyve Infrastructure Solutions

To experience the full benefits of Seagate Lyve integration, you need a partner who can design, deploy, and manage a global technology infrastructure solution.  

Equus does just that. We help companies build technology hardware solutions customized at the manufacturer’s level. Empowering you to develop infrastructure that fits your company’s unique requirements while supplying support through our end-to-end program and product lifecycle management. Our services help you stay ahead of the competition by:   

ellipse Ensuring the global availability of your applications
ellipse Improving content delivery and application performance 
ellipse Enabling AI and machine learning applications 

Leverage our infrastructure expertise to improve the global availability of your services. Our Seagate Lyve solutions adapt to your needs through four core tenets of product development and service delivery: discovery, product design, certification, and partnership. 



We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to Seagate Lyve integration.

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Product Design

We present Seagate Lyve design options that prioritize flexibility, latency, performance, and functionality.

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We stay up to date on global certifications, logistics, and deployment strategies to integrate Seagate Lyve solutions quickly and efficiently. 

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As an extension of your team, we continuously monitor your Seagate Lyve integration and manage vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability.  


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