Program Management and
Product Lifecycle Management Services.

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End-to-End Program & Product Lifecycle Management

Acting as an extension of your team with end-to-end management from material planning and onsite delivery, through installation and post install support, Equus saves you time, resources, and money.  Working in tandem with you, we create a customized execution plan for the entire program, ensuring its success. Furthermore, Equus is your sole vendor when it comes to design, sourcing, supply chain management, custom engineering, manufacturing, and deployment coordination.  We’ll build and maintain your hardware so that you can focus on your most significant opportunity—which is growth for you and your customers. 

Dedicated Team – An Extension of you

We build our team around your requirements, expectations, and objectives. Deploying and managing new technology involves many minor details and moving parts, which is why we ensure that you have a dedicated team that knows your locations to make sure that everything goes smoothly, on time and on-budget. 

Program Management
Services Included

Material Planning

We provide supply chain management strategy, coordination with procurement stakeholders, risk management of suppliers, and overall management of the supply chain.

Deployment Coordination

We make it easy.  Equus provides a single team to manage every logistical detail of on-site delivery, whether it is domestic or international. Eliminating the need for extra resources.

Sustaining Engineering

Equus manages the engineering change order process to ensure the latest hardware configuration updates based on availability for firmware, and software.  In addition, we manage vendor roadmaps to ensure visibility to EOL tracking, revision control and advanced planning for alternatives with verification.

Program Management Planning

Program Initiation

Let’s get organized around the requirements and define your program. We know that managing large programs includes a lot of moving parts, numerous stakeholders, and countless assets. We’ll agree on a run book to make sure that we follow the plan, allocate resources, and define milestones toward your success.

check-circle Server and Storage Design
check-circle Scope Creation/Definition
check-circle Manufacturing Plan
check-circle Project/Product Lifecycle Review
check-circle Project Plan
check-circle Resource Plan
check-circle Define Program & Project Milestones
check-circle Identify Risks/Change Management
check-circle Identify Risks/Change Management
check-circle Develop Reporting Structure & Frequency

Program Execution

Kick Off – Now that we’ve decided on a plan, let’s get going. This is one of the most vital phases in our program management framework. In this phase we agree on your deliverables and present them. Once the agreement is signed, we proceed with the kickoff both internally and externally. Internally we determine allocated resources, processes, vendors, and schedules. We then present these decisions on the external kickoff and talk about how we’ll execute project deliverables and produce outcomes to meet your objectives.

check-circle Agreement and signature of both parties
check-circle Pilot/POC
check-circle Meet Task Requirements
check-circle Resource Allocation
check-circle Program Internal Kickoff Meeting
check-circle Program External Kickoff Meeting
check-circle Project/Program Review
check-circle Schedule Confirmation

Program Monitoring

How are we doing? In this phase we are monitoring progress and accountability through our scorecard. The communication methodology and cadence will be defined in the Program Initiation Phase. Meetings will be conducted monthly to ensure we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations and identifying potential risks.

check-circle Scope Management
check-circle Change Management/Request
check-circle Lead Time and Deliverable Dates
check-circle Cost Management
check-circle Quality Management
check-circle Mitigates Risk
check-circle Improve Operational Efficiency

Program Renewal

When your vision becomes your reality. The primary purpose of the closeout phase is to conclude all facets of the program and validate the satisfactory results from the program plan.

check-circle Making sure that we delivered on our promises and exceeded expectations.

check-circle Verifying if the program will continue.

check-circle Performing a postmortem with you. What worked well? What didn’t? Are you satisfied with the outcomes?

check-circle Completing a closeout that includes resources, vendors, and suppliers.


(Weekly, Bimonthly, Monthly) – These meetings will be organized in both short-term (1 month) and long-term (3 month) plans.  Short-term planning covers production, deployment, forecast, and scheduling while long-term planning covers materials and lead times. 

Deliverables For Program Management

check-circle Hosted meeting
check-circle Build Document
check-circle Manufacturing Test Plan
check-circle Quality Checklist
check-circle Site Survey Template
check-circle Master Schedule and Issue Tracker
check-circle Acceptance Criteria Form
check-circle Field Services Change Order Form
check-circle Asset Tag and Serial Number Form