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Data/Analytics Hardware And Deployment Challenges

Cloud computing can speed up time-to-market and how fast you can spin up analytics environments. Despite the benefits, moving your analytics to the cloud can be daunting. One reason is that you have complete control over computing resources with a private infrastructure and moving to the cloud gives some of that up.

Additionally, you may worry about the time and resources it takes to migrate data and analytics from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. When migrating data analytics to the cloud, IT leaders may start with the “lift and shift” approach and rehost existing operations on the cloud. Often this signifies a shift from CapEx to OPEX, which doesn’t save businesses money if they don’t optimize and configure applications for the cloud.

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Data Storage & Analytics Infrastructure

To experience the benefits of data storage and analytics Infrastructure, you need a partner that can deliver you a complete solution. Whether it is designing, building, deploying, or managing your global data storage and analytics infrastructure we are with you from start to finish.

For 20 years Equus has helped companies build data storage and analytics infrastructure hardware customized at the manufacturer’s level. Empowering you to develop solutions that fit your company’s unique requirements, all while receiving support through our end-to-end program and product lifecycle management. Stay ahead of the competition by using data storage and analytics infrastructure hardware to:

ellipseEnsure the global availability of your applications
ellipseImprove content delivery and application performance
ellipseEnable AI and machine learning applications

DYI infrastructure set-up is one of the most difficult and time-consuming operations for most providers. We will do it for you. We help you quickly scale, allowing you to turn up new services to meet the needs of your customers.

As an extension of your team, we continuously monitor your edge infrastructure and manage edge vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability.

Infrastructure Solutions


We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to edge computing.

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Product Design

We present edge cloud design options prioritizing flexibility, lower latency, performance, and functionality.

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We stay up-to-date on global certifications, logistics, and deployment strategies to integrate your edge technology quickly and efficiently.

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Our team is an extension of your own. We’re continuously monitoring your edge infrastructure and managing edge vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability.

Data Storage and Analytics

Use Cases

Supply Chain Management

Data and analytics help cut supply chain costs and improve forecasting accuracy. For example, inventory managers can use analytics to predict how much they’ll need and avoid waste and shortages.

Al & ML

Supply and Demand Forecasting

Big data and analytics processing are key to forecasting customer behavior, markets, and pricing. Without data, forecasting is based on assumptions that don’t always develop as expected.

Private Cloud Workload

Shipment Tracking

The private cloud offers organizations cloud features and the ability to build systems customized to their needs. Additionally, large organizations experience long-term cost savings when using private infrastructure.


Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence tools depend on data storage and analytics to function. These tools ingest, process, and analyze datasets to deliver insights that improve business outcomes.


Data Storage & Analytics Technical Requirements

Processing power, networking hardware, analytics software, and storage are key to powering your data storage and analytics infrastructure. Whether your data center is for data mining, predictive analytics, or real-time reporting, customizing the infrastructure to support your use case will improve performance.

Whatever your technical requirements, Equus has the knowledge, capabilities, and flexibility to optimize your private cloud infrastructure — including needs at the regional, national, or global level.

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Real-Time Reporting

Fast Data Insights

Smart Data Integration

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