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Equus Compute Solutions leverages strong partnerships with trusted industry leaders to deliver higher value. You are assured that your server and storage solutions are always based on high-quality best-in-class components. In addition, our strong partnerships with these world-class manufacturers mean you benefit from: advanced product road maps, lifecycle planning, time-to-market technology launches and manufacturer direct support. Go with component names you know from a system builder you trust.


Partner with Us to Deliver Price-Performance Optimized Solutions

For more than 30 years, Equus Compute Solutions has helped resellers improve their margins and the price-performance of their hardware. Our partners have access to fully optimized servers, storage systems, full-rack systems, desktops, and workstations supported by a suite of value-added services. We’re committed to providing solutions for your customer’s challenges today and helping you anticipate your needs for tomorrow — so you can continue to deliver world-class solutions to your customers.

Featured Partners

Digital Data Distribution and Archiving

Rimage delivers data management solutions that help organizations better manage data assets, lower costs, defend against cyberattacks, and protect data integrity...

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Unleashing the Power of Generative AI and Design

Equus and RAVEL have joined forces to present a robust solution that seamlessly integrates Supermicro’s Liquid Cooled AI Superworkstation...

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Delivering the First Cloud Native Processors...

With an experienced technical team and a superior design methodology, Ampere is laser focused on innovating cloud technology.

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Store More. Access More. Do More.

With an industry-leading portfolio of both hyper-dense and high-performance storage solutions, Solidigm is forging new paths forward and pushing the limits of data today.

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Full Stack Solutions for Compute Infrastructures

Habana, a leader delivering deep learning performance and efficiency, provides access to customized advanced compute solutions to power your organization’s data center A [...]

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Optimize Your Data Center with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

The new generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors are shaping the future of technology, enabling businesses to accelerate digital transformation with cloud computing, [...]

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OpenBMC Solutions

With organizations increasing need to build customized technology infrastructure, OpenBMC allows for cross-hardware management, normalization and control between both Ti [...]

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Get Speed, Density, and Value with Micron Storage

Micron combines incredible performance with affordable storage options to help data centers over-deliver while meeting organizational budgets. With options like self-enc [...]

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Reach New Heights in Storage Density with Seagate Solutions

Seagate solutions also leverage hot-swappable, top-loading, and dual storage bridge bay (SBB) designs for superior versatility and easy maintenance. Whether you need hig [...]

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Upgrade Your Capabilities with an Azure Stack HCI Server

Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI hyperconverged infrastructure is transforming businesses by enabling them to deploy and run Windows and Linux virtual machines at the edge or [...]

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Transform Your Business with Supermicro Innovations

Supermicro is leading a revolution in computing. With an unmatched range of high-performance, high-efficiency technology and green computing solutions, Supermicro is one [...]

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Energize Your Software-Defined Systems with Western Digital Storage

Western Digital features the OpenFlex Data24, Data60, and Data102 models. The Data24 is designed for ultra-speed performance by leveraging SSDs over NVMe technology for [...]

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VMware Helps You Achieve Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Faster

VMware virtualization software minimizes traditional storage solutions’ cost and complexity by enabling your hardware to work as one. The unified vSAN and vSphere dashbo [...]

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Equus Solutions with ASUS

Equus partners with ASUS in many of our configurations, utilizing their high-performance server componentry for a wide spectrum of tech projects.

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AMD Servers Built to Power the Modern Data Center

AMD EPYC™ powered servers provide exceptional x86 compatibility. This means that virtually any program you throw at it will just run, period. Additionally, the broad eco [...]

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Equus Solutions with NVIDIA

Equus partners with NVIDIA tapping into their extensive technical knowledge to design and build the perfect, customizable infrastructure solutions for your organization.

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Equus Solutions with Samsung

Equus partners with Samsung on their memory and storage products to design and build the customized infrastructure solutions required for your data center needs.

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