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Leverage the Server and Storage platforms used by market leading technology companies in your IT infrastructure to increase performance while saving costs.

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Many companies are experiencing the growing pains of digital transformation. They’re tasked with integrating technologies like cloud and edge computing. Others are exploring blockchain and the metaverse. Is your business rushing to keep up with developing technology? Wouldn’t it be great if technology solutions conformed to your business’s needs? 

We help customers across diverse industries build future-ready technology solutions tailored to their business requirements. Our solutions speed up time-to-market, improve scalability, and increase infrastructure performance — all backed by complete product lifecycle management and 24/7 support. Read on to learn about the industries we specialize in.   

Industries We Serve

Cloud & Hosting


Media &

Gaming, AR, VR


Research &

Simulation &

Crypto, Blockchain,
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Cloud & Hosting

Cloud customers need infrastructure that’s highly available, redundant, and flexible. It takes powerful infrastructure with two important characteristics to deploy services from multitenant hardware smoothly. First, users need robust computing power, networking, storage, and seamless access to those resources. Second, they need strong virtualization tools that help them divide physical (bare metal) servers into multiple virtual servers. Our team can help you compare the price-to-performance ratios and the scalability and integration capabilities of different cloud options.

Telecommunication Providers

Telcos, enterprises, and service providers view the network edge as paramount. It is considered the key to their 5G and digital transformation strategies and the best growth opportunity in the industry. Equus has a long history of media delivery at the edge, including extensive work with video caching solutions for CDN service providers. Additionally, we are helping companies navigate their gateways for IoT applications and to deploy aggregation rackmount servers at key point of presence (PoP) locations. Leverage our leading-edge tools, technology, and expertise to embrace Telco 2.0.

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry have experienced continuous change from technological progress, evolving generational behaviors, and ongoing impacts from the global pandemic. Amid recurring COVID-19 surges, people sought out media and entertainment options at home to avoid larger in-person events. Digital media engagement even remained strong during healthier periods, evidence that the pandemic has only accelerated preexisting trends toward the digital world. We help our partners support these trends with infrastructure built to lower latency and scale on demand.

Gaming, AR, VR

Lag is death from a user experience perspective. Intelligently designed solutions must be transmitted fast enough so that connected clients (gamers) can maintain their version of the game in real-time. For this reason, latency and reliability are critical factors. To ensure gaming, AR, and VR technologies have the compute capabilities to run smoothly, you need infrastructure customized to your needs. Whether you’re planning your next application or building pieces of the metaverse, we can help.


Industry 4.0 is the next industrial revolution. Geographically distributed design and engineering teams must synchronize with third-party contractors, suppliers, and each other. And, digitally mature manufacturing functions need the power of industrial IoT and big data. Combining these capabilities with analytics, infrastructure, and cybersecurity is the key to delivering real business value. Our team’s experience in operations technology (OT), information technology (IT), and industrial control systems helps us advise you on your data strategy.

Research & Education

Higher education and research are being transformed by technology and face unprecedented challenges. COVID-19 accelerated the shift to eLearning via digital campus and the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain for grading, research, storage, and transparency. Technologies like AI and Blockchain require significant storage and computing power to run. But research and education teams often have fixed budgets. Our team can help you design hardware that fits your needs and budget.

Simulation & Training, AI, Metaverse, Omniverse

Simulation and training are essential to ensuring your people and equipment perform as expected. These tools require high-performance infrastructure, especially when they leverage AI, metaverse, and omniverse technologies. We provide end-to-end hardware services that drive training and simulation applications for some of the biggest names in the security, aviation, defense, and marine industries. Learn how to get fully integrated solutions that are ready to ship and install where and when you need them.

Crypto, Blockchain, & Financial

The pace of business in industries like finance requires secure collaboration with multiple parties. To share data in real-time, you need a reliable framework of blockchain coupled with a robust infrastructure. We design and develop some of the most powerful servers on the market. These servers can power your application and business needs, whether for crypto and blockchain, financial services, or a hybrid solution. Give your business a competitive edge with ultra-low latency infrastructure that improves performance, efficiency, and reliability.


Partner with Us to Deliver Price-Performance Optimized Solutions

For more than 30 years, Equus Compute Solutions has helped resellers improve their margins and the price-performance of their hardware. Our partners have access to fully optimized servers, storage systems, full-rack systems, desktops, and workstations supported by a suite of value-added services. We’re committed to providing solutions for your customer’s challenges today and helping you anticipate your needs for tomorrow — so you can continue to deliver world-class solutions to your customers.

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Departments We Serve

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