Direct Storage GPU Solution Bundle.

Featuring WekaFS, high-performing Supermicro Twin Servers and the latest processors.

The Challenge

Designing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure can be time consuming and daunting as workload demands resemble high- performance computing compared with traditional data center applications. These workloads benefit from large amounts of data from gigabytes to petabytes including a more demanding metadata intensive workloads than traditional HPC systems were designed to serve.

Enhancement and Design

NVIDIA GPUDirect, a Direct Path Between Storage and GPU Memory

NVIDIA GPUDirect enhances data movement and access for NVIDIA data center GPUs. Using GPUDirect, network adapters and storage drives can directly read and write to/from GPU memory, eliminating unnecessary memory copies, decreasing CPU overheads and reducing latency, resulting in significant performance improvements.

GPUDirect Diagram

The Integration

Weka™ software combined with Supermicro’s servers provide incredible performance, protection, and data management for Deep Learning, High-Performance Compute, and high- throughput low-latency storage workloads. WekaIO removes your computational storage bottlenecks by leveraging the power of NVMe and task-optimized servers, along with software designed for performance, scalability, and flexibility.  

The Equus Solution

A complete preconfigured stack that delivers the right price performance orchestrated with our delivery services, so that you get the finished product ready for production. 

Weka Diagram

The combined Supermicro and WekaIOTM solution integrates the latest PCIe Gen4 servers; the latest high performance networking to create a tightly integrated and validated solution for streamlining the most challenging HPC and AI workloads.  

New features and benefits include:  

  • Intel-based systems can now access data faster with twice the NVMe Storage & I/O utilizing PCIe 4.0 
  • Up to 40 cores per socket, higher instructions per clock, and two 512-bit FMA units
  • Up to 20% power efficiency 

We put it all together with our integration process.


Review Requirements
Application Analysis
Power Budget
BOM Creation
Rack Layout
Cabling Diagram
Network Design Review


Material Planning
Node Assembly
Rack & Stack
Network & Power
Cable & Label
Serialization Capture


Bios Setting
Firmware Management
Provision Switch & IP Address
OS, Customer Image & Software Load


Component Pretesting
Vendor Interoperability
Full Rack Burn-IN & QA
Acceptance Testing
Full Rack Test Report & Audit Report
End-To-End Performance Report


Asset Labeling & Documentation
Prepack Assessment
Crating or Kitting
Specialty Packaging (Air-Ride, Anti Tip)
White Glove Services


Optional Site-Survey & Assessment
Onsite Installation Manual Creation
Installation (Global Smart Hands)
Onsite Troubleshooting and Diagnosis

The Equus End-to-End Management Advantage

Equus Compute Solutions is an end-to-end Nvidia solution provider; a leading systems integrator for more than 30 years and has delivered more than 3.5 million custom- configured computer systems worldwide. We are developing smarter solutions to increase performance for better outcomes.  

We take a consultative approach to solving your storage infrastructure challenges. With a deep understanding of translating business to knowledge of the latest technology and workloads, we prescribe complete end-to-end solutions that solve your problems.  

Server and Storage Design

Program Management

Workstation Design

Rack Integration

GPU Optimization


Rack Integration

Logistics & Deployment

Rack Integration

Smart Hands

Rack Integration

Warranty & Support


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