Harness the Computing Power You Need to Fuel AI and Machine Learning.

Insights and innovation are only possible with robust AI infrastructure

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AI and Machine Learning Hardware & Deployment Challenges

Machine learning requires that devices be able to adapt and learn through experience. This ability serves as the foundation for building AI-powered software. Artificial intelligence takes this further by intelligently executing tasks and solving real-world problems with algorithms built on machine learning, deep learning, and other techniques.

The computing power required to fuel AI and machine learning algorithms is a major hurdle for any organization. To solve this challenge, they must find the correct balance of core processing power, high-density storage, and GPUs while keeping solutions cost-effective.

Our Place in AI And ML

Machine learning leverages neural networks that extensively examine and connect data to extract insights. Deep learning takes this further by eliminating the need for structured data. We provide the robust compute and storage capabilities you need to power these advanced technologies.

Place In Edge

Infrastructure Solutions

To experience the benefits of AI, you need a partner that can deliver you a complete solution. Whether it is designing, building, deploying, or managing your global AI infrastructure we are with you from start to finish.

For 20 years Equus has helped companies build AI hardware customized at the manufacturer’s level. Empowering you to develop solutions that fit your company’s unique requirements, all while receiving support through our end-to-end program and product lifecycle management. Stay ahead of the competition by using AI hardware to:

ellipseEnsure the global availability of your applications
ellipseImprove content delivery and application performance
ellipseEnable AI and machine learning applications

DYI infrastructure set-up is one of the most difficult and time-consuming operations for most providers. We will do it for you. We help you quickly scale, allowing you to turn up new services to meet the needs of your customers.

As an extension of your team, we continuously monitor your AI infrastructure and manage AI vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability. 


We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to edge computing.


Determining timelines, potential products and budgets we take care of all the necessary planning before your project begins.


We create the customized blueprint for your technology infrastructure to ensure your compute needs are covered.


After the design stage, we work with our technology partners to construct the optimal component solutions for your project.


With experience and certifications in over 165 countries we can deploy the nodes and racks needed for your customized solution.

AI and ML

Use Cases

Scientific Research

Speed up the pace of research. Researchers use AI and ML for everything from understanding the earth’s climate to testing millions of potential drug combinations.

Scientific Research

Healthcare Diagnostics

Improve patient care and reduce costs. AI analyzes enormous amounts of medical data to identify patterns that are unfeasible or impossible for humans to parse.

Healthcare Diagnostics


Discover and block more threats. AI and machine learning can swiftly analyze millions of data sets to protect organizations from a wide variety of cyber threats.



Reduce errors and improve safety. Manufacturing robots powered by AI can learn manufacturing skills like design, part manufacturing, and assembly.


Language Modeling

Improve speech recognition capabilities with enhancements like better recognition for non-English speakers, personalized gaming, and identifying the discriminatory language in documents.

Language Modeling

Financial Sector

Improve underwriting and reduce risk. By leveraging AI tools, corporations can predict and assess loan risk and improve underwriting processes.


Image and Speech Recognition

Use image and speech recognition in new ways. These technologies already impact our daily lives as we use different apps and features that leverage tools like facial recognition, dictation, and virtual assistants.

Speech Recognition


Infrastructure Technical Requirements

Designing scalable, plug-and-play infrastructure is critical if you want to employ AI and ML capabilities as they emerge. The infrastructure we deliver unlocks the technical power required for advanced capabilities like quantum computing and natural language processing while maintaining the flexibility to support ever-changing computing needs.

Whatever your technical requirements, Equus has the knowledge, capabilities, and flexibility to optimize your AI/ML infrastructure — including needs at the regional, national, or global level.


Boosted processing

Price performance

Wide range of

Quick and efficient
data handling

Built and optimized


Technology Partners









Services We Provide

From cloud complexity to efficient straight-forward infrastructure solutions
Server and Storage Design

Server/Storage & Network Design

Workstation Design

Workstation Design

GPU Optimization

GPU Optimized Solutions

Rack Integration

Rack Integration

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