Harness Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) Solutions to Innovate Faster.

Experiment, test-drive, and solve problems on the fly.

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Getting New Hardware to Market is Full of Unknown Requirements and Risks

Your company likely wants to launch its initiatives as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, most teams don’t have the necessary resources, tools, and infrastructure to experiment and test their innovations. Lack of resources is the problem that Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) solutions solve.

Labs are often developing and testing new digital capabilities. This development requires a strategy that guarantees solutions work as hypothesized. Equus’ LaaS solution offers dedicated lab computing resources within our multiple facilities located across the country — enabling you to test access, performance, and emerging technologies.

Optimize Your Infrastructure and Reduce Your Time-to-Market

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Lab-as-a-Service Program

LaaS solutions help your team test different use cases and performance requirements and get your minimal viable product (MVP) to market faster. Leverage LaaS to reach your innovation goals while addressing the challenges created by large-scale lab infrastructures. 

check-circle Virtual Test Lab
Technology Blueprints & Roadmaps
Performance & Workload Testing
Rapid Prototyping & Validation
check-circle Software Test-Drive
DevOps – Software Review, Benchmark, Testing, Validation
Workload Specific Testing
check-circle Hardware Comparison
CPU Review & Benchmark
GPU Review & Benchmark
Power Review & Efficiency Benchmark
Performance Review
Prototype Validation
check-circle Product Certification

It’s true that certifications and compliance requirements protect consumers. But, they also add a layer of complexity. We help you certify your products for safety, emissions, RoHS, and more to ensure you can deploy your infrastructure where you need it. 

Available DevOp Solutions

Turn Your Innovative Ideas into Game-Changing Solutions
At the core of our LaaS solution is the ability to automatically deliver the resources required for testing new ideas and innovations. Additionally, our solutions are ready to deploy and configured to work on all your devices. 

Solutions Stack

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Scale-Up & Scale-Out Hybrid Storage Solution

ellipse OSNEXUS – QuantaStor scale-up & scale-out unified file, block, and object storage
ellipse Cloudian, Veam, Vmware

Solution Stack

High Performance Scale-out NVMe Storage Solution

ellipse WekaIO – Fastest scalable parallel file system
System Validation


ellipse Canonical – Kubernetes containers
ellipse CaaS Platform – Container Management & Kubernetes


Solution Stack (HW + SW)

ellipse Reference PODs (e.g. FlexPod)
ellipse HPC/AI/ML Software Framework
ellipse Automation and Orchestration (DevOPs Bundle)
ellipse OPENBMC, etc (System Mgmt Bundle)
Custom Hardware

System Validation

ellipse SUSE – SLES 12, SLES 15
ellipse Canonical – Ubuntu 20.04
ellipse Red Hat – RHEL 8.x
Scale Icon


ellipse Rapid Prototyping – full end-to-end proof of concept
ellipse Benchmarking – workload and performance
Custom Hardware

Hardware (custom, configurable, configured)

ellipse BOM and component optimization (e.g. GPU servers and workstation)
ellipse IOT, Embedded, etc

Benefits of LaaS

ellipse Rapid On-Demand AccessLeverage our virtual lab environment remotely. Deploy prototypes through our VPN or API integration to run regression, provisioning, configuration, and integration testing on virtual hardware. 
ellipse Accelerate Time-To-MarketEquus can help you develop your infrastructure and application process. For example, optimizing your product orchestration setup will reduce QA cycles, and speeding up the validation and verification of new infrastructure will lower critical business impact.  
ellipse Reduce CapEx InvestmentsLeverage our prebuilt assets, resources, tools, and automation to simplify your validation requirements. 
ellipse Maximize Product and Solution QualityUse LaaS hardware to uncover and resolve issues early in the product or service introduction, improving your services’ reliability and quality.


Rapid On-Demand

Price performance

Reduce CapEx

Accelerate Time-To-

Built and optimized

Maximize Product and Solution Quality

Technology Partners

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