Equus Compute Solutions and StratusCore Forge Strategic Partnership to Showcase Generative AI + Design Workflow Solutions

City of Industry, CA, November 2023 – Equus Compute Solutions, a global leader in advanced digital infrastructure solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with StratusCore, Inc (d.b.a RAVEL), a pioneer in Generative AI and Design workflow orchestration. This partnership introduces a first-of-its-kind Generative AI + Design workflow solution, tailored for both on-premises and remote teams. The solution leverages Equus’ cutting-edge, Supermicro Liquid Cooled AI Workstation powered by NVIDIA and virtualized user environment, seamlessly managed by RAVEL Orchestrate™, offering unparalleled efficiency and multi-use capabilities in a single machine​​.

The collaboration showcases RAVEL Orchestrate™, a system designed to simplify the management, assembly, deployment, and ROI visibility of virtual workstations and systems. This innovation allows teams to create and deploy customized software images for cloud and on-prem remote workstations with ease, significantly controlling costs and improving resource management​​.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Equus. The overwhelming response to our Generative AI and Generative Design workflows at NAB and SIGGRAPH has reinforced the need for a partner who shares our commitment to innovation and responsiveness. Equus’s capabilities in configuring and hosting our trial program, along with their recognition of diverse applications for Generative AI, exemplify the strength of our collaboration. Together, we are poised to redefine the landscape of technology solutions and empower users with unparalleled efficiency and scalability.”

– Denise Muyco, CEO, RAVEL.

Equus provides a fully optimized compute infrastructure, crucial for the hyper-expanding landscape of Generative AI and Design. This optimization, for specific application needs, like processing power, GPU usage, memory allocation, network bandwidth, and storage, leads to significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency for both on-premises and remote workforces​​.

The horsepower that drives this solution is a high-performance, liquid-cooled AI GPU workstation from Supermicro. The workstation supports up to 4 NVIDIA A100 PCIe 80GB GPUs and is optimized for various applications including high-performance computing, generative AI, engineering and scientific research, and AI/deep learning training with multiple users simultaneously​​.

“Joining forces with RAVEL creates a unique opportunity to showcase Gen AI Design Workflows utilizing the power of the latest advanced compute infrastructure. Advancements in GPUs are helping companies realize their ROI opportunities as proper resource allocation can bring immediate cost savings at scale.”

– Jay Lawence, CEO of Equus.

This solution is designed to address unique use cases in various industries such as media & entertainment, architecture, engineering & construction, product design & manufacturing, and gaming. It caters to data science and heavy compute workloads prevalent in sectors like Oil & Gas, Medical, and AI Training​​.

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To learn more about this exciting collaboration and the capabilities of our new solution, we invite you to sign up for our exclusive webinar with NVIDIA on December 14th. This webinar will provide deeper insights into how our partnership with Ravel and integration of NVIDIA technology can revolutionize your workflow and create efficiencies. Register here to join.

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About Equus Compute Solutions

Equus Compute Solutions (“ECS”) is a systems, solutions, and technology provider, delivering advanced digital infrastructure solutions to our customers in all areas of advanced computing. Our investment in Innovation has produced advanced and comprehensive offerings in Telecom/5G/6G from Edge (MEC) to Core, AI/ML solutions including PoC/development environments and Immersion Cooling.   ECS accelerates solutions development through our Innovation Center and Labs, bespoke platform development capability and our deep ecosystem of technology and deployment partners.  


RAVEL is the leading provider of DevOps tools for the Virtualization and SMART Assembly™ of cloud, on-prem, and datacenter infrastructure for complex workloads and workflows. Our flagship product RAVEL Orchestrate™ provides teams with a no-code, DevOps & IT solution that automates & rapidly assembles complex content creation environments, including managing infrastructure, virtualization technology, identity management, and customized software images. From Generative AI & Design, VFX, Animation, and Visualization studios to Gaming, Product Design and Architecture firms, our solutions help our customers elevate their creative spirit, empowering IT and DevOps to enable content creators to create anything, anytime, anywhere.

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Adam Juul
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Equus Compute Solutions