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To find the best solution for your advanced compute needs, you need a trusted advisor who can not only provide the latest in technology trends, but who can also act as an extension of your team from initial material planning and product solutions through to product fulfillment, logistics and lifecycle management. Equus is that partner who can guide and support your custom needs for Edge, AI, Deep Learning, HCP, Blockchain and other advanced technology infrastructure needs.

General Use Case Solutions





Private Cloud

Data Storage &


Edge cloud computing requires data center solutions that can maximize performance while maintaining low latency transmissions. Equus is your partner in achieving leading edge results for your edge computing needs.



We save you time, resources, and money. Acting as an extension of your team with end-to-end coordination from material planning to onsite delivery, installation and post install support. We create a customized execution plan and work by your side for the entire program, ensuring its success.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning demands significant performance and powerful processing from your data center. From quantum to cognitive computing, Equus can design, build, deploy and support the exact AI and ML solution while providing future-forward product and service recommendations as your organization needs.


Composable Infrastructure

Utilizing intelligent software, composable infrastructure allows IT departments to provide the agility and flexibility needed to support their organizations needs within their existing data center. Equus has deep experience in the composable infrastructure sector and can partner with your business to make composable computing a reality.

Composable Infrastructure

Private Cloud Workload

A private cloud server is an isolated and secure environment made up of resources pooled from multiple servers using virtualization. Designing, deploying, and supporting this infrastructure is what Equus does best.

Cloud Workloads

Data Storage & Analytics

The backbone of data centers is its storage components. Housing, accessing, and analyzing critical information for an organizations applications is essential. Equus understands these challenges and can provide the custom data and storage analytics solutions necessary for your business.

Data Storage & Analytics

Technology Solutions

Weka Direct Storage GPU Solution Bundle

Designing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure can be time consuming and daunting.

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Seagate Lyve Solutions

Equus Compute solutions and Seagate Lyve partner together to provide organizations maximum flexibility and mobility for their edge technology infrastructure.

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Nvidia Solutions

For over 30 years, NVIDIA has been the leader in designing GPU’s that drive innovation across a wide spectrum of industries.

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