40 Years of Innovation

Rimage delivers data management solutions that help organizations better manage data assets, lower costs, defend against cyberattacks, and protect data integrity to meet long-term data preservation and compliance requirements.

Using advanced AI technology combined with our data storage, engineering, robotics, and software capabilities, we provide customized, bundled solutions that integrate into any workflow and are tailored to your requirements.

Data Lifecycle Management

Data lifecycle management (DLM) refers to the process of managing data throughout its entire lifespan, from its creation to its disposal. The data lifecycle typically includes the following stages:

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Data is created through various sources, such as transactions, user input, sensor data, etc.

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Data is stored in various formats and locations, such as databases, data lakes, and data warehouses.

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Data is accessed, analyzed, and transformed to derive insights and support decision-making.

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Data is stored in a secure and accessible manner for long-term retention and compliance.

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Data is permanently deleted from the storage systems when it is no longer needed or required for legal reasons.

Data lifecycle management involves implementing policies, procedures, and tools to manage data at each stage of its lifecycle. This can include backup and recovery, data retention and deletion policies, data governance, and compliance monitoring. Effective data lifecycle management helps organizations optimize their use of data, improve data quality, and minimize risks associated with data loss, breaches, and non-compliance.

Defense In Layers: Rimage Protection Shield (RPS)

RPS is a Cyber Security Solution that provides a Point in Time archive of a user defined set of digital assets deemed critical to restore in a timely manner to recover from Cyber-attacks or Events on a company’s infrastructure.

When disaster strikes, recovering your systems needs to consider speed to restoration as well as completeness. The solution needs to cut across both infrastructure as well as data. Each of these elements needs to be considered and readily available with known veracity of authenticity (unaltered). RPS is not intended to replace all the tools, it augments the arsenal.


  • Servers
  • PCs
  • Network configuration information
  • Logistics information
  • Access information
  • Communication information


  • Master Data
  • Transactional data
  • Critical
  • Necessary
  • Informational

Data Ingest: Rimage Data Solutions (RDS)

Most organizations have more data than they know exists let alone where it is and how to manage it relative to GRC and retention policies. Rimage Data Solutions enables organizations to gather and ingest their digital assets from various devices on to multiple storage platforms.

Data Preservation: Rimage Data Preservation (RDP) – Data Archiving

Our data retention and preservation solutions provide organizations with a data management approach that is age resilient, reliable, cost efficient and secure. The implementation of Rimage Data Preservation enables organizations to comply with regulatory demand, reduce the cost of preserving/maintaining data by over 70% with a high degree of certainty that the data will be available if it is ever needed.

Open and custom API integration into Backoffice systems. Leveraging industry products to offer operational solutions