Our Vision.

Our Value

Our Vision

Our vision is to design and deploy advanced compute infrastructure, providing innovative technology solutions that will transform customer experiences.

Our Value

Shared Values

Our partnerships are the foundation of our work and we’re honored to collaborate with organizations that exemplify our values.
Our Value

Meaningful Connections

We believe technology is essential to meaningful connections in the modern world. That’s why we use technology to empower our partners, our teams, and our communities.

We Live by Our Core Values

At Equus, we care about our team, our community, and our clients.

Our Value

Customer Success

Our success is generated from the success of our customers.

Our Value


We work together as one team through honest communication delivered respectfully.

Our Value


Creative ideas to solve unique problems.

Our Value

Do the Right Thing


Our Value

Owners Mindset

We are owners of this company and benefit from its success. 

Our Value


We take personal responsibility and hold each other accountable for results.