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Delivering the First Cloud Native Processors, Built for the Sustainable Cloud

Ampere has designed the industry’s first Cloud Native Processors, uniquely delivering the performance, scalability, security, and power efficiency that is focused on today’s hyperscale cloud and edge computing workloads and applications.

The company has launched the industry’s first two Cloud Native Processors — the ARM-based 80-core Ampere® Altra® and the 128-core Ampere® Altra® Max. Delivering the highest total performance and performance per watt of power, these two products deliver a sustainable server solution for data center applications, enabling cloud service providers to meet the compute demands of the future with only a fraction of the power and real estate consumed today.

With an experienced technical team and a superior design methodology, Ampere is laser focused on innovating cloud technology. Its goal is to bring a new standard to the market — a market where highly-scalable processing capability and reduced power consumption can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and savings to customers. By providing a new level of predictable performance and efficiency, Ampere is working to deliver Cloud Native Processors that can handle the compute demands of today and tomorrow.

Predictable High Performance

Increase compute capacity and decrease the number of racks required in the data center. Realize the greatest performance per rack, per watt, and per dollar in the industry.

Highly Scalable
by Design

Achieve high utilization and consistent performance under maximum loads with the most single-threaded cores—eliminating the noisy neighbor effect of multi-threaded cores.

Unprecedented Sustainability

Cut the cost of your data center operations in half by reducing energy consumption and real estate requirements, optimizing rack space, and lowering your carbon footprint.

for AI

Ampere’s processors are optimized for AI CPU inference workloads, delivering higher performance than x86 for Vision, NLP, Recommender Engines, Machine learning, and any other AI applications.

Ampere Processors

Ampere® Altra® Family

The most efficient product family for modern compute environments from the edge to hybrid and on-premise and to the cloud.

ellipse32 to 128 Cores
ellipse1MB Private L2 Cache per Core
ellipse8 channel DDR4
ellipse128 lanes PCIe Gen4
ellipse40 to 180W

AmpereOne Family

For compute environments requiring the highest level of consistent and predictable performance at scale.

ellipse136 to 192 Cores
ellipse2MB Private L2 Cache per Core
ellipse8 channel DDR5
ellipse128 lanes PCIe Gen5
ellipse200 to 350W