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Nobi Convertible v3

The new Nobi Convertible v3 is a multipurpose computing companion for students, inside and outside of the classroom. Designed for the life-long learner, the Convertible delivers "real-PC" performance and an exceptional learning experience for students of all ages.

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Reinventing How Students Learn and Share

The versatile design of the Nobi Convertible v3 combines the power of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet. The Convertible also sports deep functionality, allowing students to navigate applications with a finger or stylus, video conference with the built-in webcam, learn through educational videos, and so much more. This affordable computer is the perfect solution for sharing information and encouraging collaboration, all without the size, weight, and expense of a full-sized notebook.

Business Benefits

Designed for the life-long learner, the innovative and versatile learning tools of the Nobi Convertible provide an engaging educational experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.

10.1-inch Touchscreen Display
The capacitive LCD display enables students to easily share content or navigate through applications with the touch of a finger or stylus.
Effective and Collaborative Learning
Featuring 6 educational software applications to enhance classroom learning, a webcam, and the Classroom Management tool, the deep functionality of the Nobi Convertible enhances classroom learning and how information is shared.
Durable and Rugged Design
Perfect for the rough-and-tumble lifestyle, the small yet durable form factor features a water-resistant keyboard and HDD Protection that keeps data safe in the event of an accidental drop.
Windows 8
Windows 8 simplifies how students interact with each other and teachers, giving instant access to apps and more to boost learning.


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