Why Partner With Equus?

11/14/2017 | Featured Content, Solution Overviews

 Why Work with Equus Compute Solutions? 

Equus Compute Solutions is a strategic partner that leading Solutions Providers have trusted for over three decades to help them grow revenue, win new business, and improve profit margins. Equus provides them with configurable compute and storage solutions and service and support offerings their customers demand. Here are the top five reasons why leading solutions providers partner with us to help them deliver world-class experiences for their customers.

Top Five Reasons to Partner with Equus Compute Solutions 

1. Solutions That Fit Your Customers Needs 

Our software defined solutions let you go from bare metal hardware to cloud deployment in a fraction of the time and cost of proprietary solutions. We offer proven solutions for data center virtualization, hyperscale cloud storage and HPC/AI storage. Additionally, we can provide fully customized solutions to fit your clients’ unique needs. 

2. Improved Margins 

We have developed strong, direct relationships with leading manufacturers like Intel, Supermicro, and Micron enabling us to bring you competitive component prices on solution builds. Our configuration flexibility is unmatched allowing you to adjust the configuration for price/performance optimization. This means you can provide your customer with the performance they need for their application without any unnecessary features while enhancing your margins in the process. 

3. Shorter Lead Times 

Dedicated supply and program management resources ensure your client’s hardware is ready when they need it. Our build times are generally two weeks on nodes and four weeks on full rack builds. Because of our strong supplier relationships and the breadth of component options we have available to us. We have the ability to provide seamless swaps for faulty component, allowing you to ensure your customer’s deadlines are met. 

4. Dedicated Support Services 

Your customers demand world-class support that’s why we provide 24/7/365 technical support for our solutions. Our solutions come standard with 4-hour* anytime response technical support , remote troubleshooting, depot repair with five-day SLA turnaround, and next business day advance cross-ship of field-replaceable components. We also offer customizable support services to meet the unique needs of your clients. When you sell an Equus solution you can rest assured knowing your client will get the support they need. 

5. Global Reach 

With coverage in over 120 countries, Equus is is built to support any size business, whether its logistics, deployments, support, or warranty services. With 15 Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs), Equus has the ability to provide fast turnarounds to deployments, repairs, and refreshes. 


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