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Your All-In-One Advanced Computing Infrastructure Provider — So that you can continue to focus on creating, innovating, and building.
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Challenges We Address

We help businesses turn cloud complexity into computing efficiency. Our knowledge of cloud infrastructure, vendor management, and product lifecycle management removes the barriers to streamlined cloud computing.
Deploy Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy Cloud Infrastructure Faster

Faster and smarter technology choices delivered

Cloud infrastructure technology is constantly developing, and keeping pace requires modern hardware adapted to your unique workloads. Our services empower you to build custom hardware and speed up time to market 

Vendor Management

Simplify Vendor Management & Coordination

Spend less time and money managing vendors

Managing your vendors, supply chains, engineering, and manufacturing is overwhelming. Leverage our end-to-end management solution so that you can focus on growing your business and your customers. 

Product Lifecycle Management

Offload Product Lifecycle Management

Simplify management and scale with ease

The product lifecycle has many moving parts, from sourcing and designing your hardware to deploying it in the field. We help you focus on using your hardware instead of managing its lifecycle. 

Our Approach

We take a consultative approach to solving your cloud infrastructure challenges — analyzing your needs to prescribe solutions that fit your technical requirements. Whether you need pre-built or custom solutions, it comes backed by end-to-end cloud fulfillment that includes strategy consulting, program development, implementation, and support. 

Custom Hardware Design

Design – With Custom, Configurable, or Configured Hardware

Staying up to date on your business’s technology is a challenge. That’s why we adapt our solutions to fit your needs. Whether you require solutions that are pre-built, configured to your applications, or built from the ground up, we can recommend designs that anticipate market trends and accelerate your time to market. 

Program Management

Build – With End-to-End Program Management Support

Let us manage your hardware so that you can focus on your business and your customers. With us, you get a single vendor and services tailored to fit your needs. Our program management services include strategic sourcing, supply chain management, custom engineering and manufacturing, and deployment coordination. 

Product Lifecycle Management

Operate – With Ongoing Product Lifecycle Management

Ensure your infrastructure is always performing optimally while taking back your precious time. From design to decommissioning, we bring quality products to market fast and support them through all stages of the hardware lifecycle. 

Equus Advantage

Seize your advantage with 30+ years of industry experience. Our expert team can help boost the agility, speed, and value of your technology infrastructure.

Improve Cloud Infrastructure Agility

It can feel as if cloud infrastructure technology is changing daily. Our end-to-end product management services help you quickly turn your vision into reality and ensure you’re ready for market.

Private Cloud Workload

Accelerate Time to Value

Products that get held up in production delay the value they provide to your company. We help you speed up time-to-value by removing procedural hurdles and managing the product from design to decommissioning.

Al & ML

Reduce Costs

Since you only work with vendors as needed, it can be unclear if you’re getting the best price. Leverage our comprehensive portfolio of trusted partners to get value that is only possible when operating at scale.

Private Cloud Workload

Simplify Coordination Efforts

Supply chains, logistics, and manufacturing must be coordinated to ensure hardware arrives on time. Let us use our network and proven processes to coordinate your hardware lifecycle.


Reduce Vendors

Working with multiple vendors means you must keep managing relationships even when not employing their services. When you work with us, you simplify your operations and only deal with a single vendor.

Private Cloud Workload


Our Process

We don’t simply sell hardware. We’re with you from the beginning helping you explore your options, design the right solution, and build it right. Then you get our world-class support and product lifecycle management to help you manage vendors, hardware in production, and your future infrastructure needs. Whatever stage, we’ve got your back.


  • Product Concept & Design
  • Vendor Advisory
  • BOM Optimization
  • Consultative Engineering


  • Program Planning, Milestone Planning, Reporting Structure
  • Manufacturing Plan, Material Planning, Production Planning, Strategic Sourcing
  • Certification Plan
  • Product Lifecycle Review


  • Customized Inventory Programs
  • Secure Warehousing
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Bundling & Kitting
  • Global Forward Stocking Locations


  • Warranty
  • Custom Support Options
  • Sustaining System Engineering
  • EOL Tracking
  • Change Management
  • Decommission & Recycle
Process Diagram


  • Validation, Prototyping, POC
  • Architecture Review
  • Value & Roadmap Analysis
  • Lab As A Service, Benchmarking
  • Scope Creation


  • Lead Time Management
  • Manufacture, Install or Configure
  • Vendor & Consigned Inventory Management
  • Procurement
  • Rack & Complete System Integration


  • Global Turnkey Fulfillment
  • Custom Shipping Options
  • On-Site Installation
  • Site Survey
  • Post-Install Checklist
  • Field Upgrades

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World Class Partners

Equus Compute Solutions leverages strong partnerships with trusted industry leaders to deliver higher value.


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