Liquid Cooling

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Efficient cooling perfected with liquid precision

Every next generation technology is supported by a data center, and every data center needs game-changing energy efficiency. By submerging hardware in innovative cooling fluids, ECS is reducing energy consumption while enhancing IT performance. It’s not just a step toward a eco-friendliness, it’s a full stride towards a new digital future.

Providing comprehensive direction encompassing the selection, deployment, implementation, and optimization of advanced liquid cooling technologies expertise with direct-to-chip, and one and two phase immersions within standard and micro data center infrastructures.
ECS oversees all considerations including compatibility assessments, and logistical complexities, warranties, system management/telemetry and other key factors associated with the adoption, deployment and integration of liquid cooling technologies.
ECS liquid cooling system solutions include real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance, and responsive troubleshooting, all aimed at optimizing performance and longevity.

Immerse, Preserve, Perform

Dive into the future of IT with our innovative liquid cooling methods.

Whether single or dual PIC, new build or retrofit, Equus is your champion for fully-warrantied, future-ready liquid cooling solutions. Transform your infrastructure and experience the next, cooler era of computing with liquid-cooled performance.
Liquid Cooling Demos and POC’s in our Innovation Center
Accelerate immersion cooling innovation cycles by swiftly transitioning from conceptualization to deployment through expedited prototyping, streamlined testing, and efficient deployment strategies within the ECS Innovation Center.
Offering versatile design options tailored to meet diverse requirements, whether it’s accommodating direct-to-chip, single-phase or two-phase liquid cooling solutions, providing adaptable architectures that can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.
Embarking on ground-up deployments from the initial planning stages, ECS liquid cooling solutions offer unparalleled advantages in energy efficiency, resource optimization, and environmental sustainability.

ECS seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art liquid cooling technology into an existing operational facility, optimizing efficiency, enhancing cooling capabilities, and extending the lifespan of infrastructure assets, while minimizing disruptions and maximizing return on investment.

Liquid Cooling for Modern Business.

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