Storage Server Design


Backblaze needed a technology partner that was an extension of their team for open compute storage systems. One that would help with design, production and logistics. Previously, they had designed their own system with custom components, then had it shipped to a contract manufacturer for assembly and testing. The cost and time to market of this setup was a major challenge for Backblaze to be competitive. 


The design of Backblaze’s open compute storage systems was the first area that Equus engaged with them on. Forgoing a set menu of specific components, Equus worked with Backblaze’s engineers to understand their pain points and designed a customized solution that met their cost and technology requirements. Taking it a step further, Equus proposed management of the assembly, testing and installation of Backblaze’s open compute infrastructure, saving them time and money.


Over the last 10 years, Backblaze has become the choice for low-cost storage, lowering the cost per petabyte by 57%. They have been able to do this because of our ability to help them manage component & production costs. Equus’ end-to-end management of this project with the ability to design, deploy, install, service and support has paved the way for future expansion of Backblaze’s open compute infrastructure.