Search Engine Case Study

Edge Computing Solution

A multi-billion-dollar US-Based global technology company was looking for a partner in 2016 who could provide end-to-end service and management for their edge computing project. Equus met their stringent needs and have been working with this company ever since. 


This technology company provides ISP’s the ability to serve certain content from their own networks which reduces traffic and latency while providing robust content experiences. They needed a partner who understood the technical and logistically challenges of building, designing and deploying Edge computing infrastructure. 


Frustrated with the inflexibility of a competitor’s edge infrastructure solution, this company’s engineers began high-level technical discussions with Equus’ engineers. Through the discovery process, Equus developed and presented to the company a solution that was custom in design, field serviceable and provided the technical capabilities to handle a high density, cost-per-bit optimized G-firmware platform. In addition, Equus collaborated with 3PL to manage the customs and logistics framework and initiated our Ready To Ship (RTS) inventory process for the key Edge computing components. Furthermore, Equus provided critical service and support via Hybrid ISP/on-site break-fix models and Forward Stocking Locations (FSL). The flexibility of the final solution, coupled with Equus ability to collaborate, deploy, manage the logistics, and provide the critical service and support needed has led to a global expansion of this relationship. 


As a result of their partnership with Equus, this company has rolled out their content network from their initial prototype to over 36 countries, with an additional 15 locations slated for expansion in the next two years. In addition, they have also recognized significant cost savings due to our program and lifecycle management involving weekly forecasting, KPI reporting, supply chain logistics and forward stocking locations.