High-Performing Storage and Performance Solutions at Half the Price

12/05/2020 | Case Studies


EVOTEK, a West Coast solution provider, took a competitive IT infrastructure quote to a multi-billion-dollar gaming company, and while the solution matched their needs, it was twice the amount budgeted for the project. Because of this, EVOTEK needed to find an alternate solution that would address their client’s technical and storage requirements yet also be within their budget. EVOTEK came to Equus with the budget and performance markers and asked if Equus Compute Solutions could make it happen. 


While the initial relationship between Evotek, Equus and the gaming company was based on price, the technical understanding and relationship that emerged cemented a file storage infrastructure solution that expanded beyond the starting scope. For example, Equus was a subject matter expert as it related to using turn-key storage technology for the gaming companies’ challenge of managing massive amounts of data and files across multiple data centers. With hundreds of millions of small files, EVOTEK’s gaming client required an all-flash storage solution to meet their performance requirements; NFS, SMB, and iSCSI protocols; a remote replicant of the data; and the ability to scale up from 500TB. Furthermore, Equus emerged to manage the end-to-end design, deployment, installation, service and support required for this massive storage infrastructure project. 


As a result of Equus’ project management excellence, technical expertise and product agnostic full-service solutions, EVOTEK improved their margin while reducing the costs to the gaming company by 50%. In addition, Equus, Evotek and the gaming company expanded their business relationship by implementing this media storage infrastructure solution to Australia, Canada and the EU.  


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