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Equus and Habana: Full Stack Solutions for High-efficiency Deep
Learning Compute Infrastructures

A key feature in this partnership showcases Equus’ Lab-as-a-Service, which allows you to experiment, test-drive and solve problems on the fly, powered by the Habana Gaudi2 processor, purpose built for Deep Learning training and inference of large-scale models.

Partnering with Equus advanced compute solutions and Habana Gaudi2 systems, your organization will unlock the benefits of driving speed, security, performance, and customization in your data center infrastructure.

Habana Labs Guadi 2

What Role Does Habana Labs Play in the Data Center?

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The Habana Gaudi2 Delivers These Top Tangible Business Advantages:


Speed of Execution

  • Speed and efficiency of model training, deployment and development
  • Faster time-to-insights, faster time-to-market
  • 2x operational speed to execution vs leading GPU systems*
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Cost Savings

  • 3rd party evaluations substantiate price/performance advantage up to 60% vs. GPU-base solutions*
  • Deep learning cost savings enable your organization:
    • Train more, spend less
    • Train more for greater accuracy
    • Support more AI projects
    • Lower overall TCO
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Ease of Use

  • Gaudi2 supports both training and inference of the latest multi-billion parameter large language models, such as BLOOM 176B (billion parameter), and multi-modal models, like Stable Diffusion (text-to-image). Details of Habana’s robust support of large scale models can be found here.
  • Nominal time and resource (developer and business costs) required to build new large-scale computer vision, NLP and multi-modal models or migrate existing models to Gaudi.
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System Scalability

  • Gaudi2’s integrated connectivity enables customers to easily configure, and scale systems as needed.
  • Industry-standard Ethernet gives customers flexibility and ease to change processor vendors-avoiding lock-in with proprietary connectivity.
  • Lower system build costs given wide array of Ethernet-based equipment.
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Power Efficiency

  • Gaudi2-based systems consume nearly 2x less power than A100 systems, resulting in substantially lower operational costs.*
*For performance details, see Habana Claims Validation

Equus Compute Solutions Lab-As-A-Service (LaaS) Features The Following Benefits To Test The Power And Performance Of Habana’s Gaudi2

Experiment, test-drive and solve problems on the fly


Virtual Test Lab

  • Tech Blueprints and Roadmaps
  • Performance and Workload Testing
  • Rapid Prototyping and Validation

Hardware Comparison for your workloads and applications

  • CPU/GPU/Power Review and Benchmark
  • Performance Review
  • Prototype validation

Software Test Drive

  • DevOps-Software Review, Benchmark and Testing
  • Interoperability
  • Workload Specific Testing

Product Certification

  • Product certification for safety, emissions, ROHS and more