5 Reasons Businesses Should Consider LaaS

04/10/2023 | Technology Education, Featured Content

The progression of technology has continually made computing power more accessible. HPC hardware, cloud computing, and big data analytics are within reach of small to medium-sized business owners — a reality that wasn’t true in previous decades. Lab as a Service (LaaS) is technology that puts enterprise business capabilities within our reach.

Lab as a Service is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to access and use lab resources remotely. Teams can quickly spin up proof of concepts, create secure sandboxed testing environments, and provide virtual training labs, among other things. How does this translate into business benefits?

LaaS Improves Business Capabilities Across the Board

Modern teams need efficient collaboration, research, and development to take advantage of emerging technologies — ensuring their organization’s continued competitiveness. The benefits of LaaS are numerous and can provide immense value in many different industries. Here are five ways LaaS can benefit businesses:

1. Cost Savings: LaaS can help businesses save money by avoiding the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining physical lab resources. It also eliminates the need for dedicated IT personnel to manage and maintain the lab environment, further reducing costs. According to World Wide Technology, LaaS can provide up to 5X its value in cost avoidance compared to internal labs.

2. Flexibility & Scalability: Speed and innovation are keys to success for digitally minded businesses. LaaS offers them the flexibility to tap into additional computing power when needed, as well as the ability to scale up or down depending on current needs. Thus, businesses can quickly test prototypes, software, and other innovations in simulated real-world conditions — helping you respond quickly to changing market conditions.

3. Improved Collaboration: LaaS provides users with a cloud-based platform for collaboration and enables a distributed workforce to access data and resources remotely in real time. This improves communication and allows distributed teams to analyze data simultaneously — speeding up testing insights.

4. Automation: LaaS offers a variety of automation tools that can help streamline processes, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. It automates the lab setup process and saves time spent on tedious tasks such as configuring the environment for lab activities. As a result, employees can focus on more important tasks rather than manual data entry or other mundane tasks.

5. Security & Compliance: LaaS provides businesses with a secure and compliant platform for accessing lab resources, allowing them to meet regulatory requirements and protect their data more effectively. It offers multiple layers of security, including physical infrastructure security, application security, data security, and identity management.

In short, LaaS provides lab-level computing power on demand, helping businesses avoid costly investments for one-off projects and prototyping needs.

Leverage LaaS Built on Cutting-Edge Technology

Equus’ Lab as a Service solution features Habana Gaudi2 technology, the latest processors built especially for deep learning. Gaudi2 processors provide 2x the operational speed of leading GPU systems, enabling you to test more complex models in a fraction of the time. By leveraging our LaaS solution, our clients get both unparalleled convenience and computing power.

Learn more about leveraging the power of a lab without the commitment of building your own infrastructure.


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