Equus WHITEBOX OPEN™ Servers Named DE Editor’s Pick of the Week

Open-hardware solutions provide freedom of choice

Equus Compute Solutions announced that its WHITEBOX OPEN™ custom open-hardware server and storage platforms were named Digital Engineering Magazine’s Editor’s Pick of the Week. DE’s Editor’s Pick of the week is a weekly segment in which DE’s editors highlight noteworthy recent products in the digital engineering and computing space. You can read the Pick of the Week information here:

With WHITEBOX OPEN, Equus enables its customers to choose the server and storage configurations that exactly meet their needs, while reducing costs and using flexible open systems management. The WHITEBOX OPEN platforms are ideal for content delivery network service providers (CDNs), cloud services providers (CSPs), value added resellers (VARs), and large IT enterprises.

“What Equus did with its WHITEBOX OPEN platforms is combine open standards-based hardware with open-source software. That means IT teams can assume full control of their software and hardware technology infrastructure. Open hardware also tends to be less expensive, so your investment in iron should take on different trajectory too,” according to Digital Engineering’s editor at large, Anthony J. Lockwood.

“The WHITEBOX OPEN family of server platforms offers nine, rackmount flavors from, say, getting started through data center on steroids,” he added.

One of the largest North American white box providers, Equus has delivered millions of custom-configured servers, software appliances, and desktops to customers in Cloud Services, Health Sciences, Education, Enterprise IT, the Public Sector, and more.

More information about WHITEBOX OPEN and other Equus solutions is available at