Equus Compute Solutions Announces Release of Flexible GPU Servers

09/19/2018 | Press Room, Servers

Custom server configurations provide freedom of choice

Equus Compute Solutions announces the release of five new GPU servers that are purpose-built for High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and massively parallel computing environments. Supporting a wide range of workloads, these GPU platforms offer higher performance, reduce rack space requirements, and have lower power consumption when compared to traditional CPU-centric platforms.

The Equus GPU servers have several unique advantages.

  • Flexible GPU sourcing options – Install your own GPUs, consign GPUs to Equus for factory installation, or purchase turnkey GPU server systems.
  • GPU platforms range from 2 GPUs up to 10 GPUs in 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount chassis, and a 4U Tower.
  • Single Root and Dual Root PCIe server architectures are available.
  • GPU servers support a wide range of SSD/HDD hot-swap storage options.
  • OpenBMC ready for open systems management.

The five GPU servers that each use Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs and Nvidia Tesla GPUs include: G1460 1U 4xGPU, G2660 2U 2xGPU, G4560 5xGPU tower, G4660 4U 8xGPU, and G4760 4U 10xGPU. Each of the GPU server platforms can be customized to exact end-user specifications.

“Our customers have been asking for the flexibility to source GPUs in different ways on high performance servers,” said Costa Hasapopoulos, President of Equus Compute Solutions. “These GPU servers are the ideal cost-optimized solutions for a wide range of applications and workloads. At the same time, these innovative platforms provide benefits of scale and volume, component standardization, ease of service logistics, and the means to avoid vendor lock-in.”

More information about Equus Compute Solutions and the GPU server platforms is available at https://www.equuscs.com/products/servers/gpu-servers/ .


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