VMware Helps You Achieve Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Faster

VMware vSphere is enterprise-level virtualization software that helps you scale your data center operations more efficiently and cut hardware costs. By leveraging the power of virtualization, organizations can use a single machine for multiple environments and facilitate operations like server, network, and desktop virtualization.

VMware vSAN is a software designed storage solution that helps you pool your direct-attached storage resources and easily convert your servers into hyper-converged infrastructure. When combined with vSphere, vSAN provides the tools to help you manage computing and storage resources from a single dashboard.

Are VMware Solutions Right for You?

Data center engineers appreciate the benefits VMware software virtualization brings to their operations. VSphere helps engineers quickly scale resources and cluster nodes by spinning up virtualized computing components as needed. Instead of replacing hardware, vSAN’s ability to pool resources allows organizations to use its hardware wisely.

VMware virtualization software minimizes traditional storage solutions’ cost and complexity by enabling your hardware to work as one. The unified vSAN and vSphere dashboard helps users quickly install and configure their hardware in just a few steps.

Additionally, by unifying your hardware through virtualization, you can flexibly allocate resources based on current company needs. With Intel and vSAN ready nodes in addition to VMware certified systems, you have all the tools needed to accelerate your path to the cloud.

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Whether you need to simplify your storage solutions, improve scalability, or lower TCO, VMware solutions are a powerful ally. Talk to the Equus team today to learn how vSphere and vSAN can help you leverage virtualization and create high-performance storage pools.

VMware Solutions by Profile

Supermicro VMware

Supermicro VMware certified systems ensure that your server hardware is fully compatible with VMware software. Equus has ready-built systems and carries all the components you need to build your custom VMware server.

Supermicro vSAN

Supermicro vSAN solutions leverage ReadyNode™ technology to ensure you get up and running as quickly as possible. VSAN ReadyNodes™ are available in all-flash or hybrid configurations and built on the latest Intel® Xeon® technology.

Intel vSAN

Intel vSAN helps simplify your path to software-defined storage by leveraging Ready Node technology. These builds leverage Intel® server boards, chassis, processors, and SSDs to provide you with a VMware certified solution you can use today.