Equus Named in CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising CDN Solution Providers – 2017

Recognized for enabling flexible software-defined infrastructures

Equus Compute Solutions, one of America’s largest manufacturers of custom computer hardware systems, announces it was named to CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising CDN Solution Providers – 2017. The list targets companies responsible for unique disruptions in the Content Delivery Network landscape. Equus was recognized for its role in enabling flexible software-defined infrastructures on custom cost-optimized white box hardware.

Equus has worked closely with CDN architecture and engineering departments to launch its new SDX Platforms™ server and storage solutions, which deliver maximum performance for the customer’s workload. By designing and building customer-specific platforms, Equus enables CDN service providers to meet their price and performance needs. Leveraging its direct partner relationships, Equus collaborates with customers to maintain inventory levels that minimize surprises.

“We are honored to be among those recognized as being in the vanguard of new infrastructure for fast access internet Content Deliver Networks,” said Equus president Costa Hasapopoulos. “We look forward to serving video streaming customers with custom cost-optimized solutions that enable successful business outcomes.”

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