Equus Computer Systems Qualifies as Intel® Technology Provider, Cloud Data Center Specialist, Platinum 2016

11/01/2016 | Press Room

Recognized by Intel as a partner in delivering quality cloud solutions

Equus Computer Systems, Inc., one of America’s largest manufacturers of custom hardware solutions, announces it has qualified as an Intel® Technology Provider, Cloud Data Center Specialist 2016. To receive this designation, Equus, a Platinum Intel Technology Provider, has demonstrated commitment and excellence in deploying Intel®-based cloud solutions. Equus successfully completed a set of rigorous, cloud data center-focused training courses designed to build enhanced proficiency in delivering leading cloud data center technology.

As an Intel® Technology Provider Cloud Data Center Specialist, Equus has access to a number of value-added benefits. Access to Intel trainings and resources ensures customers can gain valuable insight into the latest technologies and solutions. Collaboration with Intel cloud experts helps Equus deliver the right configuration, tailored specifically to customer needs. Ability to leverage Intel test tools means Equus can reduce research and development costs, ensure high quality, and offer customers the lowest total cost of ownership.

In addition, Equus has access to a variety of co-marketing opportunities, including Intel-assisted case studies or white papers that can increase visibility for their customers’ business.

For more information about how the Intel® Technology Provider Cloud Data Center Specialist program differentiates Equus Computer Systems from competitors and helps architect better cloud solutions, contact us today.


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