Why Rocky Linux Is a Great Choice for Your Enterprise Needs

01/09/2023 | Featured Content, Technology Education

Business leaders must weigh multiple needs when deciding on the operating system they’ll use to power their enterprise. Consider your case. How important are stability, security, and cost? These factors will certainly impact your final decision.

To help control costs and increase flexibility, you might be exploring an open-source operating system. One enterprise operating system gaining traction is Rocky Linux. Rocky Linux is a community-supported, free, open-source operating system designed to be a drop-in replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It is based on the source code of RHEL and aims to provide a stable, secure, and consistent platform for enterprise users.

How do these features benefit your business specifically? Let’s dive deeper into the key benefits of Rocky Linux for enterprise.

Rocky Linux Is Built From the Ground Up for Enterprise

“Our priority was to ensure that the community didn’t have to worry about another disruption in the enterprise operating system space. Along with Rocky Linux, we also created the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation to ensure that Rocky Linux is here to stay. The foundation brought many organizations, hardware and software vendors, and system integrators together to ensure the stability and standardization of Rocky Linux for everyone.”


Gregory Kurtzer, founder of Rocky Linux and CEO of CIQ

Rocky Linux is ideal for enterprises because it provides compatibility at the most granular level and is under intensive development by the open-source community. These factors ensure a solid foundation for years to come. Consider five reasons why Rocky Linux is a good choice for enterprise use:

Compatibility. Rocky Linux is compatible with RHEL, meaning it can run the same applications and tools. This makes it easy to migrate from RHEL to Rocky Linux without worrying about compatibility issues.

Stability and security. Rocky Linux is designed to be a stable operating system with a focus on reliability and security. It’s regularly updated with security patches and bug fixes, which helps to protect against vulnerabilities and keep the system running smoothly. Recently, Rocky Linux achieved the latest milestone in the FIPS 140-3 validation process: being named to the NIST Implementation Under Test List. Additionally, CIQ is underwriting this extensive validation process as a gift to the community.

Cost. One of the main advantages of Rocky Linux for enterprise users is its low cost. Since it is a community-supported and open-source operating system, it is free to download and use. As a result, organizations can save on licensing fees and reduce overall IT costs.

Customization. Rocky Linux is highly customizable. Thus, organizations can tailor the operating system to their specific configurations or customizations to meet their business requirements.

Community support. Rocky Linux has a strong community of users and developers who contribute to the development and maintenance of the operating system. The strong community provides a wealth of knowledge and support for its users, which can be particularly useful for organizations that rely on open-source solutions.

Make the Rock Solid Choice; No Pun Intended

Rocky Linux is a reliable and cost-effective choice for enterprise users who need a stable and secure operating system. Its compatibility with RHEL, focus on stability and security, low cost, customization options, and strong community support make it a good choice for many organizations. But open-source doesn’t mean that you’re on your own.

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