Get Speed, Density, and Value With Micron Storage

Micron storage solutions are built on four pillars of quality: reliability, performance, scalability, and efficiency. Its high-end SSD technology is NVMe ready and perfect for mission-critical cloud and data center workloads.

Today’s data center needs to perform at a high level to keep up with applications in machine learning, AI, healthcare, and big data. Micron all-flash drives range from powerful performance drives with over 15TB of capacity to lower density mainstream drives.

Micron Solutions By Platform


Micron SATA SSDs leverage either quad-level cell (QLC) or Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND Flash technology. This allows them to deliver more capacity, durability, and lower latencies in a compact package — perfect for applications that require a blend of speed and density.

Performance NVMe

Micron performance NVMe SSDs are designed to provide heightened speeds, security, and energy efficiency. Also, their extreme low latency doesn’t hinder capacity since these drives can provide some of the densest storage options on the market.

Mainstream NVMe

Micron mainstream NVMe drives are designed to bring flash-optimized NVMe SSD to standard enterprise and cloud deployments. Mainstream NVMe storage strikes a balance between bandwidth, power, and price that legacy systems can’t match.

Micron 7300 Series SSD

Micron 7300 SSD

Micron 7300 Overview

The Micron 7300 SSD delivers mainstream NVMe performance up to 6X the performance of SATA SSDs, at a comparable price*. Built for workloads that demand high throughput and low latency while staying within budget, the 7300 is ideal for broadly-deployed, mixed read-write, compute, and virtualized workloads of today.

Micron 7300 Features

7300 PRO supports write-intensive workload demands with low, predictable latency.

7300 MAX offers high capacity up to 7.68TB in a 7mm, U.2 form factor to build platform and rack density at lightning speed.

7300 M.2 enables robust, enterprise SSD class startup without sacrificing a data storage slot.

Micron quality: from silicon to system.

Micron 7400 Series SSD

Micron 7400 Series SSD

Micron 7400 Overview

Servers are rapidly migrating from legacy data center technologies to NVM Express™ (NVMe) and flash-optimized form factors to maximize performance, reduce costs and provide a secure platform for virtualization, containers, cloud, software-defined storage and more. Throughout these changes, one thing has remained constant — storage demands continue to increase radically. And those demands aren’t letting up. Meeting the challenge requires forward-thinking storage — storage that easily fits into different platforms, storage performance tuned for your workloads and storage that is highly secure. Storage like the Micron 7400 SSD. Driven by hardware-level security, the Micron 7400 SSD with NVMe delivers PCIe Gen4 performance and the world’s broadest PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD portfolio for data center infrastructure innovation. It is a flexible line of data center SSDs supporting standard server storage (U.3), cloud and 1U platforms (performance and density focused), and system boot (M.2).

Micron 7400 Features

The Micron 7400 delivers two times the throughput of our last-generation mainstream SSD with NVMe, along with 128 namespaces to maximize scalability in virtual environments. It is fully backwards compatible with PCIe Gen3 systems for more flexibility

The Micron 7400 is available in the industry’s broadest variety of form factors, including U.3, M.2, and E1.S — all designed to help you balance the evolving capacity, power and thermal needs for your data center

The Micron 7400 supports trusted industry standards to enable integration with your encryption key management solution to provide seamless authentication and management of Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) assets.

Are Micron Storage Solutions Right For You?

High-performance storage has transformed data centers and cloud operations with fast IOPs, low latency, and better quality of service. Micron’s SSDs help CIOs, data center architects, and other IT professionals keep up with the immense amounts of data being processed today.

To truly harness the power of big data, organizations need storage that can process data at increasingly faster speeds. Only then can business leaders extract valuable insights and turn that analysis into action.

Micron combines incredible performance with affordable storage options to help data centers over-deliver while meeting organizational budgets. With options like self-encrypting drives and SSDs designed to reduce power consumption, Micron has storage options for every use case.

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