WEKA Solutions .

Access and Manage Your Data at Scale

Weka HPC and AI

WEKA Overview

Legacy storage designs have forced customers to deploy different architectures to satisfy the needs of different workloads. WEKA was built from the ground up to address the diverse requirements of modern workloads enabling you to pool all your data and manage them through a global namespace. With dramatically simplified administration, you can easily access and manage your data at scale to deliver better outcomes. 

WEKA Benefits

WEKA lives anywhere your data does, whether on-premises, in the public cloud, or hybrid. Take advantage of elastic compute resources available in the cloud at massive scale by deploying our cloud-native storage solution. WEKA offers you the choice of either deploying on dedicated storage servers or as converged compute/storage on-premises or in the cloud 

Push the limits of what is possible. With industry-leading performance, you can dramatically accelerate time to insights. Instantly adapt to any new workload with no knobs to tune and no expertise required. Get up and running quickly in the cloud or on-premises with validated reference architectures. 

Radically simple, epic performance, infinite scale. WEKA delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability demands modern enterprise AI workloads require — on-premises, in the cloud or bursting between platforms. 

Data Platform for AI

Equus Solutions Using WEKA

Equus Compute solutions and WEKA partner together to provide organizations limitless scalability and performance for their AI, ML and HPC technology infrastructure. Utilizing WEKA’s powerful software to remove computational storage bottlenecks while employing additional premier technology partners, Equus designs, deploys, integrates and manages the customized infrastructure you need.  

For example, Equus recently partnered with WEKA, Intel, SuperMicro and NVIDIA to design a complete preconfigured stack that delivered the right price performance orchestrated with our delivery services resulting in a finished product ready for production. 


WEKA Infrastructure Solutions

To experience the full benefits of WEKA integration, you need a partner who can design, deploy, and manage a global technology infrastructure solution. 

Equus does just that. We help companies build technology hardware solutions customized at the manufacturer’s level. Empowering you to develop infrastructure that fits your company’s unique requirements while supplying support through our end-to-end program and product lifecycle management. Our services help you stay ahead of the competition by:  

ellipse Ensuring the global availability of your applications
ellipse Improving content delivery and application performance 
ellipse Enabling AI and machine learning applications 

Leverage our infrastructure expertise to improve the global availability of your services. Our WEKA solutions adapt to your needs through four core tenets of product development and service delivery: discovery, product design, certification, and partnership. 



We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to WEKA integration.  

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Product Design

We present WEKA design options that prioritize flexibility, latency, performance, and functionality.

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We stay up to date on global certifications, logistics, and deployment strategies to integrate WEKA solutions quickly and efficiently. 

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As an extension of your team, we continuously monitor your WEKA integration and manage vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability. 


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