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See why Supermicro servers and solutions are powering businesses and enterprises across all industries. Our long-term partnership with Supermicro gives you first-to-market access to the latest innovations, the widest range of server products, components, the most optimized designs, and the best price/performance ratio.

Supermicro is leading a revolution in computing. With an unmatched range of high-performance, high-efficiency technology and green computing solutions, Supermicro is one of the world’s top three server companies, and a leader in application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and GPU systems.

Our Supermicro store’s advanced Building Block Solutions® enable highly optimized servers that meet the requirements of IT, datacenter, edge and HPC deployments. As well as legendary innovations including Supermicro Twin servers, NVME servers, double sided storage, and SuperBlade products.

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Equus Compute Solutions gives you first-to-market access to the latest Supermicro servers, storage products, and solutions, as well as unrivaled expertise and support.

We’ll build your server using the latest Intel Xeon series processors, and we offer end-to-end Supermicro solutions for HPC, datacenter, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, enterprise IT, and embedded markets. Choose from a wide array of Supermicro products, from Supermicro SuperServers and FatTwin servers, to Towers, to GPU Workstations and more.

Want expert advice on configuring the best solution for your IT needs? Our engineers will take time to understand your goals and work with you to custom configure a state-of-the-art platform that maximizes performance, scalability, lifecycle management, and ROI.

Equus Compute Solutions can also help you save on maintenance. All of our Supermicro servers, storage products and solutions come with a standard warranty, and we offer flexible service plans that are often half the price of big-name contracts. You’ll get fast, expert support from qualified technicians based in most U.S. cities, plus access to a service repair depot and our 24/7 help desk.