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Reach New Heights in Storage Density with Seagate Solutions

For over 40 years, Seagate has been offering the most innovative and easily integrated storage solutions.  While recognized for its Exos X series enterprise-class hard drives, the company is also the only enterprise storage manufacturer that designs and builds its entire storage system.  From petabyte to exabyte, Seagate offers the best storage solutions at the best value with industry-leading capacity, firmware, and multi-core capabilities. 

Are Seagate Storage Solutions Right for You?

If you are searching for storage solutions that are dense, versatile, and efficient, look no further. Seagate provides great versatility with a variety of form factors and designs ranging from 2U12, 2U24, and 5U84 to the super dense 4U106 model.
Seagate solutions also leverage hot-swappable, top-loading, and dual storage bridge bay (SBB) designs for superior versatility and easy maintenance. Whether you need high-performing SSDs or maximum capacity HDDs, Seagate solutions can oblige.
Seagate storage arrays are designed to simplify operations. Easily swap out components like controllers, PSUs, drives, cooling fans, and expander cards without pulling out a tool. This flexible, scalable, plug-and-play solution makes it simple to introduce new technology without downtime.
Are you looking for storage solutions that will help you grow your enterprise? Equus can help you find the right design to meet your performance, capacity, and efficiency needs. Talk to one of our expert team members today.
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Seagate Solutions by Platform

Seagate RAID Systems

RAID systems can help you increase the capacity, reliability, and performance of your storage solutions. Equus can help you leverage Seagate storage to create robust RAID solutions to power your data center applications.

Seagate JBODs

JBOD storage allows you to treat many drives as a single logical volume or multiple volumes, depending on your application. Seagate JBOD solutions can help you achieve this functionality at an unprecedented scale with our extremely dense solutions.

Seagate JBOFs

JBOF storage allows you to use multiple flash drives and treat it as an individual disk volume. Seagate JBOF achieves incredible latency and flexibility by enabling you to add and remove storage with ease while basing everything on SSD and NVMe flash technology.