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Maximize and manage server infrastructure performance and security while saving costs.

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Server management varies greatly whether you employ a tier 1 manufacturer or white box solution. Organizations that utilize a tier 1 server structure can benefit from a closed ecosystem that ensures enhanced security for their infrastructure, albeit at a more significant cost and with limited hardware flexibility. Customers using a white-box server solution, while saving costs, lack the security features represented by baseboard management controllers present in tier 1 servers.

The Linux Foundation Project open-source Baseboard Management Controllers Firmware Stack now solves this problem with white box servers. The costly and time-consuming gap that white box server integrators previously encountered are solved with OpenBMC. In addition, the security provided by these controllers by enabling timelier resolution through community led efforts (since it’s open source) levels the playing field. Security exploits are found and resolved rapidly, with easy debugging, while enhancing control and providing a security model that showcases greater transparency and visibility.

How is OpenBMC used today?

With organizations increasing need to build customized technology infrastructure, OpenBMC allows for cross-hardware management, normalization and control between both Tier 1 and white box servers. This provides for ultimate flexibility in hardware design, build and integration while saving time and costs.

For example, an organization’s data center features 5 different platforms including white box and Tier 1 servers. Integrating and applying OpenBMC to this situation normalizes the capability between the platforms which maximizes performance and reduces cost. Furthermore, the security benefits of OpenBMC which can be applied across both Tier 1 and white box servers addresses the feature gap that used to be the main negative in using only white box servers.

Industries We Serve
Industries We Serve

How do we use it? 

Beginning in 2018, Equus Compute Solutions developed one of the first server-class modern boards that could run OpenBMC. What this meant, was we had all the requisite schematic information needed to compile from the open-source community to offer capable hardware for customers who have some internal development capabilities. This allows them to own the solution after we have provided them with the necessary enablers.

Offering OpenBMC solutions to our customers, opens the door for unlimited customization options as it relates to their needs. Whether it is managing and monitoring workloads across both tier 1 and white box servers, or applying uniform security that might not have been an option with previous server hardware infrastructure. All of this while maximizing performance and reducing costs.

When should you consider an OpenBMC solution?

If management capability and security of your technology infrastructure is important, then you should consider an Open BMC solution.

As Jason Hargis, Technical Director at Equus states, “Think of a BMC like a separate computer on the main motherboard, but with custom embedded requirements that are not even possible from a tier 1 provider. With each manufacturer featuring different management structures, OpenBMC allows for normalization of management capabilities which is a major advantage and allows for maximum customization, flexibility, and security.”

Industries We Serve
Industries We Serve

Potential Benefits of Equus’ Open BMC  

With Equus Compute Solutions Open BMC, we make it easy for customers to implement this feature within their technology infrastructure. Acting as a consultant, we research and recommend the customized Open BMC solution based on the customer’s requirements. The customer needs to have minimal development capabilities, however the flexibility and ease of installation of an Open BMC solution allows them to quickly get up and running. Furthermore, from a security and cost savings standpoint, working with Equus and their Open BMC options provides the customer with the chance to own the firmware stack, which was not possible in the past.

Essentially, our consultative approach opens the door for our customers to hone in on the custom fit Open BMC solution with our guidance. We source it, you run it.