AMD Servers.

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AMD Servers Built to Power the Modern Data Center

AMD EPYC™ ROME powered servers are setting the standard for high-performance computing. With doubled core density and optimizations that improve instructions per cycle, you can count on your server to handle the heaviest data center loads and most stringent security requirements.

With the ability to deliver industry-leading processing technology for CPU cores while letting I/O circuitry develop at its own pace, EPYC™ processors help bring new capabilities to market, fast. This agility has positioned EPYC™ processors as the market leader in both performance and innovation.

Are AMD Powered Servers Right for You?

In the data center, performance and power consumption are paramount. The AMD EPYC™ CPUs provide 4x the floating-point performance of first-generation AMD EPYC™ processors with half the power consumption. This provides data centers with the power they need while helping cut the energy bill.

AMD EPYC™ CPUs also help you prioritize security. This server CPU comes with an integrated and dedicated security processor to support advanced security protocols, like Secure Boot, Secure Memory Encryption (SME), and Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV).

AMD EPYC™ powered servers provide exceptional x86 compatibility. This means that virtually any program you throw at it will just run, period. Additionally, the broad ecosystem of open tools and libraries give data center operators even more flexibility when using AMD.

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Equus Compute Solutions approaches every server challenge with an understanding of your need to control costs and plan for the future. At Equus, our reps can help you customize your server solutions to provide the right blend of value and performance.

AMD Servers By Brand


Supermicro blends ultra-powerful server equipment, competitive pricing, and a commitment to greener computing. Supermicro AMD server solutions are reliable and provide great server performance and power efficiency.


Like Supermicro, GIGABYTE offers a wide variety of AMD server options in many form factors. Their servers are robust, flexible, and competitive.


ASUS offers flexible, AMD servers built to scale. Their technology is both Red Hat and SUSE certified to give you more software flexibility.


Tyan engineers its servers for best-in-class enterprise performance. They come in many form factors and strike a balance between being feature-rich and offering great value for the money.