NTCA IP Vision Show

Visit Booth 106 to see server architectures for content delivery and private cloud

Equus Compute Solutions, one of America’s largest manufacturers of custom computer hardware systems, will display its advanced scalable High Density Storage Server solutions at the NTCA IP Vision Expo which will be held April 10-11, 2017 at the Marriot St. Louis Grand Hotel in St. Louis MO. Visit Booth 106 to see actual server and storage chassis that are ideal for supporting the advanced data storage requirements for today’s content delivery networks and private cloud services. Experts will discuss how Equus can provide custom, flexible, and scalable configurations for these applications at the lowest possible cost.

Equus Hyper-converged software defined infrastructures are the ideal solution for independent broadband service providers. These custom server solutions help network owners to diversify revenues, lower costs, and leverage the latest technologies as they transition to an IP-based broadband environment. The cost optimized Equus high-density storage servers (HDSS) enables broadband providers to cost effectively launch new content delivery solutions and provide their enterprise customers with Private Cloud Managed Services.

As a world renowned custom computer manufacturer, Equus offers extremely competitive prices – with superior logistics and support – to service providers, independent software vendors/original equipment manufacturers (ISVs/OEMs) and enterprise value-added resellers (VARs). The company has recently expanded, now offering solutions for software defined infrastructures: storage, virtualization and management. Equus offers a level of customization options for these solutions that is unavailable from larger vendors. Equus optimizes life-cycle costs by training customers on how to support systems using in-house resources rather than costly outside vendors.

Drop by Booth 106 to see a unique, cost effective and compact 130TB storage solution, only 3.5 inches high and 25 inches deep. This 2U storage chassis can be customized to provide what you need now and nothing more – while also enabling future growth.