Equus Compute Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Zscaler

09/06/2023 | Press Room, Featured Content

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – September 5, 2023 – Equus Compute Solutions (ECS), a global leader in advanced digital infrastructure solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Zscaler™, the market leader in Zero Trust network access (ZTNA).

Through this collaboration, ECS is expanding its Innovation-as-a-Service suite by integrating the cutting-edge security offerings of Zscaler. This partnership underscores ECS’ commitment to providing its customers with world-class, secure computing solutions that are not only tailored to their specific needs but also underpinned by advanced Zero Trust security.

This alliance will have profound implications for Telecom, 5/6G, AI/ML, government, and DoD markets. Given the criticality of their operations and the sensitive nature of their data, these sectors require computing solutions with the highest level of security and reliability. The combined strengths of ECS and Zscaler provide computing platforms designed using Government and Industry best security practices.

“Our goal at Equus is to create an unparalleled ecosystem of high-performing technology solutions. This partnership with Zscaler empowers us to further enhance the security and reliability of our digital infrastructure solutions, ensuring that our clients’ data is secured against increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers.”

Jay Lawrence, CEO, Equus Compute Solutions

By leveraging Zscaler’s industry leading Zero Trust Exchange™ platform, Equus Compute Solutions can provide its customers with seamless, secure access to their applications from anywhere in the world. This will create a fortified, high-performance solution capable of withstanding the evolving cyber threats of the modern age.

“Zscaler’s partnership with Equus solves the two most difficult aspects that our customers face when building new solutions: powerful, yet cost-effective, hardware solutions coupled with powerful cybersecurity. By integrating Zscaler’s zero-trust security solutions with Equus’s technology framework offerings, customers can create and deploy new technologies with confidence and thrive in the digital era.”

Ken Urquhart, Global Vice President of Zscaler

Equus Compute Solutions and Zscaler’s partnership will bring about a revolution in the way enterprises and government perceive and experience secure computing solutions, fostering a future-ready infrastructure that can effortlessly navigate the digital world’s complexities.

About Equus Compute Solutions

Equus Compute Solutions (“ECS”) is a systems/solutions technology provider with over 30 years of experience, delivering advanced digital infrastructure solutions for our customers in all areas of advanced computing. From Multi Edge Computing “MEC” to Core, ECS accelerates solutions development through our various labs, bespoke platform development capability and our deep ecosystem of technology and deployment partners. 

Press Contacts:

Adam Juul
Director of Marketing
Equus Compute Solutions


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