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Managed Service Providers Partner With Us To Deliver Differentiated Service Offerings To Their Customers

Why Leading Managed Service Providers Work With Us

Today’s managed service providers focus on guaranteed availability, advanced security, and high-performance support for their customers. 

Our expert engineering, adaptive manufacturing, global logistics, and personalized service & support give managed service providers the tools they need to be the leaders in their field.

We are the premier provider of advanced, custom-configured server and storage solutions with extensive MSP experience and expertise. With over 30 years of design, supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, deployment, and support experience, you can rely on Equus Compute Solutions to help grow and streamline your infrastructure for years to come.

Once we understand your unique needs, we optimize every component of your solution then help you deploy and support your infrastructure where you need it. By partnering with Equus, you can decrease your cost per user while delivering world-class managed services to your users.

Challenges We Solved For Managed Service Providers

  • Long lead times on quotes and order delivery
  • Inflexibility to tailor compute and storage solution to customer needs
  • Low Margin for compute and storage hardware sales
  • Unresponsive support from your compute and storage providers
  • Inconsistent account support when working with compute and storage vendors
  • Time-Consuming research of compute and storage components
  • Difficulty managing compute and storage vendor supply chains
  • Designing optimized compute and storage solutions
  • Struggling with hardware vendors to lock down bill of materials
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