Our Employees.

Our Employees

Our People

At Equus, we believe people are our greatest asset, especially our employees and our customers. Our team is committed to ensuring your success through continuous collaboration and innovation. We go above and beyond to help you leverage technology that aligns with your business goals – never pushing unneeded features or services. As an extension of your organization, we empower you to overcome challenges and reach your business goals.

Our Vision

We Live by Our Core Values

At Equus, we care about our team, our community, and our clients.
Our Value

Customer Success

We are passionate about understanding and meeting our customers’ needs.

Our Value


We work together as one team with clear, respectful communication.

Our Value


We embrace change and measured risk-taking to drive innovation.

Our Value

Do the Right Thing

We exhibit honesty and integrity. If we make a mistake, we fix it.

Our Value

Owners Mindset

We share in each other’s successes through our employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Employee Owned

Our Employees

Our Company Is 100% Employee Owned

Equus is 100% employee-owned. Everyone has a stake in ensuring our customer success, from our technicians on the factory floor to our leadership team. This approach empowers and motivates each person on our team to take an active role in our client’s and company’s success.