Global Logistics & Professional Services

Logistics. and Professional Services

Utilize Our Worldwide Logistics & Professional Services To Support Your Business

Utilize our logistics and professional services to supplement your offerings and shorten the time to market for your customers. Our team can create a customized menu of services so you can grow new revenue streams for your business.

  • Create New Revenue Streams
  • Add Service Offerings For Your Customers

Our Logistics & Professional Service Offerings

White Glove Logistics

White-Glove Logistics

Solution providers often do not want to handle the task of managing global logistics and the associated country customs and regulatory processes, and managing global logistics is a critical value that we deliver to our channel customers.

  • National and International Paperwork (Packing Slips & Customs)
  • Dedicated or Milk-Run Transport
  • White-Glove Pick-Up & Delivery
  • Transport Tracking
  • Certification Compliance Review (See
  • Arrival (Customs Processing)
  • Regional Destination Transfer
  • Custom Packaging
  • Full-Rack Shipping (Crate & Sensor)
  • Pallet Shipping (Bundle & Kit)
Installation Services

Installation Services

Let us become an extension of your team managing your worldwide installations whether they are full-racks or nodes. Our installation services can help you quickly and efficiently get your edge infrastructure up and running. We will identify the right technical resources then work to schedule them and make sure you receive a full post-installation report.

  • Rack installation
  • Rack and Stack servers, network, etc.
  • Cabling
  • Power on and testing
Turn Up Services

Turn-up Services

Our team knows that installing the servers and racks is only half the picture. To start utilizing your edge infrastructure it has to be configured and set up on-site. We offer on-site configuration services from the server/rack network configuration to application deployment.

  • Server/ Rack Network Configuration
  • Server OS
  • IPMI
  • Scripted application deployment
Smart Hands

Smart Hands

We offer smart hand services and many locations worldwide to support your edge infrastructure. Utilize our smart hand’s services for installation, cabling, troubleshooting, logistics support, and more.

  • IT staff augmentation
  • Moves/adds/changes
  • Office installations


Network Installation Services

Network Installation Services

Our experienced technicians can provide network setup services no matter where your edge infrastructure is deployed. From configuration to installation and troubleshooting you can rest assured your edge network will run smoothly.

  • Configuration
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cabling
  • Fiber
Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning Services

When your edge infrastructure has met its life expectancy our team can help you remove the assets from multiple locations and meet your strict timelines. We can also manage the data destruction and asset resale for you. Leveraging our decommissioning services saves your team time and money.

  • Rack teardown
  • Server teardown
  • Component repurposing
  • Secondary market resale
  • System/component e-cycle
  • Certified data destruction
Storage and Performance Solutions

High-Performing Storage and Performance Solutions at Half the Price

A leading health care analytics and data management company was running into both storage and performance issues. They had a fixed budget and needed a quick turnaround on a NAS solution to support their analytics workflows.


4 Million Systems Built

Systems Built

99 Percent C-Sat Score

C-Sat Score


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2 weeks lead time

Lead Time

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