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Purpose-Built Servers, Workstations, Appliances, and Desktops.

Equus understands your success is our success. That’s why we help guide you to the best hardware solution.

You need a solution that is purpose-built and optimized for its intended use while providing the quality your customers demand.

Why Use Our Build & Configuration Services

Shorter Lead Times

Shorter Lead Times

Your infrastructure needs are critical. That’s why Equus consistently produces quality tailored and custom solutions with the industry’s fastest ship times.

Quality Work

Quality Workmanship

Our configuration technicians follow ISO 9001:2015 certified processes and strict QA standards to produce custom solutions with consistent quality results.

World Class Service

World-Class Service & Support

Our customers receive prompt, knowledgeable after-sales support from qualified technicians located in our U.S.-based call centers.

Solutions that Fit

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Our relationships with leading technology manufacturers and software providers enable us to be among the first to offer systems with the latest breakthroughs in technology.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Our direct-to-source business model takes advantage of high-volume, manufacturer-direct relationships to pass savings onto you.

Leverage Our World-Class ISO 9000:2015 Manufacturing Facilities For Your Next Build

With multiple production facilities in the City of Industry, CA and Chicago, IL, and more than 140,000 square feet, we excel at custom-configured compute solutions, servers, and storage solutions. We can also provide short and long-term warehousing options depending on your needs.

Our rigorous manufacturing process includes custom software imaging, component installation, testing, serial number tracking of all components, server sub-component serialization, component preparation, asset tagging, 100% system testing, BIOS stamping, and labeling and branding options. 

The result is full system integration, ready to deploy on your Content Delivery Network.


Our multiple production facilities in City of Industry, CA, and Chicago, IL, allow us to excel at configurable compute solutions, servers, and storage devices. Having more than one facility in the US reduces your risk of supply chain disruptions. Single site suppliers don’t offer redundancy and are forced instead to farm out your builds to other CMs when their facilities become inoperable.

Our production techs are skilled at building compute and storage systems in small form factor, single server nodes, fully integrated racks, and multi-rack suites. Our facilities are equipped to manage surges in demand and accommodate late-stage schedule adjustments.

Our approach ensures the highest quality standards while maximizing efficiency, reducing costs and lead times. The result is full system integration, ready to be deployed.

Server Configuration Services

Configuration Services

  • Component Configuration​
  • Rail Install & Sizing​
  • Bezel Install​
  • Part Replacement​
  • Load Imaging​
  • Load Software​
  • Load Firmware​
  • Server Level Customer Production IP & Host Name Config.​
  • Burn-in​
  • Testing & QA

Comprehensive Rack Integration – Shipped In Four Weeks

We offer full integration of server, networking, and storage systems in individual and multi-rack environments. This includes server-level imaging, burn-in, customer IP & hostname configuration, Power/Networking/KVM/IPMI Cabling, and Labeling. Our rack integration center is also able to accommodate consigned goods integration. We help you achieve project delivery deadlines.

Why Use Our Rack Integration Services

  • Faster Deployment​
  • Reduced Costs
  • Lower Failure Rates
  • Increased Configuration Control
  • Ability To Test

Building With World-Class Partners

Our direct relationships with leading manufacturers like Intel, Nvidia, and Supermicro allow us to provide some of the shortest lead times on custom systems in the industry. Our team also has deep product line knowledge to ensure that your solution provides maximum performance at the lowest cost.

Our Rack Integration Process


Step 1

• Review requirements • Qualify components • Design rack layout & cabling diagram


Step 2

• Create BOM • Manage Supply Chain • Confirm schedule


Step 3

• Server Assembly • Rack and stack • Cable and Label


Step 4

• Set BIOS and firmware • Set network switch and IP addresses • Load OS image and software


Step 5

• Server and rack level burn-in and QA • Standard and/or custom testing • Log test reports and asset info


Step 6

• Final pre-pack QA • Full package of documentation • Full rack shipping and other logistics services available

Rack Integration Services

Our Rack Integration Services

  • Integration of Server/Networking/Storage Systems​
  • Server Level Imaging, Burn-In, and Configuration​
  • Server Level Customer Production IP & Host Name Config.​
  • Power/Networking / KVM/IPMI Cabling & Labeling​
  • Rack Documentation​
  • Remote Dial-In Option For Customer​
  • Consigned Goods Integration
Storage and Performance Solutions

High-Performing Storage and Performance Solutions at Half the Price

A leading health care analytics and data management company was running into both storage and performance issues. They had a fixed budget and needed a quick turnaround on a NAS solution to support their analytics workflows.


4 Million Systems Built

Systems Built

99 Percent C-Sat Score

C-Sat Score


Service & Support

2 weeks lead time

Lead Time

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