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Designing and manufacturing an application-optimized software appliance is a difficult challenge. There are many design, hardware, manufacturing and logistical areas to consider. Often software firms do not have the skills and capabilities to create an effective hardware platform. Equus has worked closely with many software vendors to custom design, brand and manufacture cost-effective computer platforms. We handle all the hardware and logistics issues for the lifetime of the software appliance.

There are 10 Essential elements to a creating a successful software appliance as shown below. Get all the details and checklists by downloading this White Paper.

The 10 Essentials for Creating a Market-Leading Software Appliance

#1 Design Engineering - Software appliance engineering should be performed by an experienced team of engineers who work closely with you to turn your specifications into a powerful platform.
The detailed design is converted into proof of concept prototypes for testing and manufacturing documentation is created. There are many advantages of using a hardware-agnostic white box approach that is not tied to any specific hardware vendor. Equus customizes your appliance configuration and leverages our OEM relationships with the best component manufacturers.
#2 Custom Hardware Platforms - You should start with a custom cost-optimized hardware platform to maximize the performance of our software appliance.
Engineering will configure hardware appliances with custom compute solutions that are optimal for your specific application. From small form factor PCs. To rackmount servers to custom dense storage server chassis to full rack integration.
#3 Branding for Chassis, Packaging, and Documents – It is important to fully brand your software appliance to create an excellent out-of-box experience for your customers and expand your brand identity.
Investigate all the possibilities for creating a custom branded appliance. Use custom chassis, bezels, labels, your brand colors, special fixtures, and extrusions. Create custom cartons and branded documentation inclusions.
#4 Software Imaging – To create an easy-to-use software appliance your software should be factory loaded and test on your hardware platform.
This plug-and-play approach is a competitive advantage. Your customers will appreciate fast turn-up and require minimal installation support.
#5 Manufacturing and Technology Partners – Your appliance manufacturing partner must have demonstrated success with designing, manufacturing, testing, scaling and supporting software appliances.
They should be direct supply chain and technology partners with the leading component vendors: CPUs, Memory, Disks, Power Supplies, Chassis, etc.
#6 Inventory Management – The software appliance partner you select should have agile inventory programs that keep your systems stocked and ready or immediate shipping to your end customer.
Additionally, your partner should have various inventory approaches such as: Stocked Inventory, Build-to-Order, and Build to Forecast.
#7 Global Logistics and Support – Use an appliance manufacturer with a support that responds to the ever-changing regulations for technology product shipping, exportation and certifications.
All the issues throughout you software appliances lifetime should be addressed: Bill of materials history, customs, standard and optional warranty programs, EOL component status reports, RMA programs, global support and retired hardware programs.
#8 Lifecycle Management – Hardware obsolescence can introduce unwelcomed challenges for software appliances, including driver compatibility, firmware and future performance.
Proper planning can avoid delivery delays and streamline technology transitions. Component migration strategies need to be planned well in advance to avoid manufacturing issues and customer “surprises”. Make sure your software appliance vendor is working directly with all key component vendors to insure coordination and device availability.
#9 Dedicated Account and Support Staff – An important ingredient to success is to insure your appliance partner support you with dedicated Account Management, Project Management, Logistics Processes, and Technical Support Staff.
Having personal long-term relationships with people you can trust and call 24/7 provides both a competitive advantage and peace of mind.
#10 Take Action Now – Nothing will happen unless you get going! Contact Equus to discuss your software appliance project needs.
We have been focused on suppling these 10 Essentials for over 28 years and have helped many software appliance companies succeed in the market. Click below to get started.

Build Your Appliance on a Proven Foundation

Software Appliance Application Examples

Network Security

Network Security

Threats to data, applications, and physical assets never end and become more sophisticated by the day. Equus helps network security ISVs create appliance and cloud solutions to protect companies and their users. We are highly skilled in the areas of unified threat management (UTM), security information and event management (SIEM), web application firewall (WAF), network access control (NAC), intrusion detection, and more.


Digital Security & Surveillance

Physical security, loss prevention, public safety, and video analytics require the best in digital surveillance and security (DSS) solutions. We work with video management software companies and DSS solution providers to create network video recorders, other DSS hardware appliances, and cloud solutions. Our solutions meet the high-performance demands of DSS technology built around IP networks and high-resolution video.



Our storage solutions feature a high-performance compute engine and storage in flexible high Terabyte per chassis configurations. We can optimize I/O and reduce latency by designing our storage solutions to take advantage of the latest in enhanced datacenter technologies, including InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) and 100 GigE IP networks. Redundancy throughout the system increases up time.


Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Our digital signage solutions meet the needs of corporations, healthcare facilities, universities, retail stores, and manufacturers. We feature Intel, Nvidia and ATI graphics processors, which accommodate a wide range of software, video output, and performance requirements. Multiple form factors and VESA-compliant screen mounts can be adapted to meet your demands.

Process Control Automation

Process Control & Automation

Our process automation and control solutions can be designed to integrate with larger, standards-based mechanical and manufacturing execution systems (MES). Custom configurations use a wide range of processors, various form factors, can engineered with all solid-state design, and support various interfaces and legacy interconnects.



Our solid-state memory or disk-based solutions deliver the high performance required for rendering simulations in real or near real time. They feature a variety of video output options to accommodate multiple display resolutions and formats. Solution form factors can be tailored to the environment, and systems can be ruggedized to withstand harsh conditions.


Customer Success is our Key Metric

  • “Equus has been our “go to” server supplier for nearly 20 years. We have tried others but we always come back. They always get us what we need.”

  • “I needed a server for a library I could put multiple LANs on and Equus was able to configure my server with the specs I needed with minimizing my time I had to spend configuring the server myself it saved me a lot of headaches.”

  • "Equus provides custom solutions for our entire product line and does a great job with competitive pricing and flexible logistics. They have been instrumental in the delivery of our product and are a key player in keeping us relevant in the always changing IT industry."

  • “We have done business with Equus for over 20 years. Their expertise in helping us design the right solution for our clients has contributed to our success – a true partnership. The few times we have needed support they have always been responsive and very easy to work with.”

  • “The quick response and solid technical knowledge and information provided by our account manager helps us stay on the competitive edge in our marketplace when we need quick turn around on pricing or products. We appreciate the friendly and well-informed assistance we receive from all the team at Equus.”


Customized Logistics and Support

Account Managers icon Dedicated

Each partner receives one-to-one support from a dedicated account manager who is expert in all Equus products and services.

Custom Configurators icon Custom

Equus offers more than a hundred system configurations through our easy-to-use PartnerLink™ configuration tool.

Custom branding icon Custom

As the leading white box supplier we provide custom branding options – chassis, bezels, paint, cartons, and all documentation.

System Imaging icon System

Equus will download your exact software image on each custom configuration and factory test before shipment.

One-Click Ordering One-Click

Our PartnerLink™ web portal makes it easy for partners to order products and track orders, simplifying business management.

Fast builds icon Fast

Same-day shipping is available on preconfigured systems and fast turnaround times on custom-built systems.


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