SDX Platforms™ for Software Defined Infrastructures

Drive New Business Growth Using SDX Platforms™ Server and Storage Configurations for SDI and Cloud Services

Rapidly evolving IT, Datacenter and Cloud architectures are creating new opportunities to attract new customers and expand offerings at existing customers. Your company will lead your market only when you leverage the inevitable dominance of Software Defined Infrastructures (SDI) and Hyper Converged Scale-out infrastructures (HCI) in your solutions and services offerings.

The enabling hardware foundation for SDX and HCI is White Box SDX Platforms. Equus Compute Solutions has been a leader in white box computing for 28 years. We understand exactly how hardware platforms need to be configured to optimize the performance of the new SDI and HCI software applications as shown in the adjacent diagram.

Leverage the Evolution of Software Defined Infrastructure

Leverage the Evolution of Software Defined Infrastructure

SDX Platforms for Software Defined Applications and Infrastructures

Equus enables our Partners to provide advanced solutions that address the unique needs of SDI and HCI. We work closely with you custom cost-optimized hardware platforms and software configurations that will enable you to deliver market leading offerings that drive new revenue growth and reduce your costs.

Software Defined Storage

SDX Platforms support:
Open-E (File/Block)
Open-E (File Only - Jovian)
Ceph (File/Block/Object)
Windows Storage Server
Cloudian (Object Only)

Virtual Storage Area Networks

SDX Platforms support:
Hyper-Converged Infrastructures
VMware vSAN
Vsphere-native SDS platforms
Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

Hadoop-Big Data

SDX Platforms support:
Apache Hadoop
Full Cluster Customization
100Gbps Networking

Cloud Services

SDX Platforms support:
Cloud Management Solutions
Private Cloud for Enterprises
Cloud and CDN for Service Providers
Streamlined VPS hosting
Automated Workflow Management

File Collaboration

SDX Platforms support:
VMware vSAN
Ceph Object Storage
Spectrum Accelerate
Nexenta Solutions

Video Surveillance

SDX Platforms support:
Milestone Xprotect
WatchGuard Video
Open-E File System
Petabytes of Storage
Cost- Effective

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