Custom Hardware

Hardware that does not fall into the category of one-size-fits-all

At Equus, we understand that you may have unique requirements where you will need a custom hardware solution. For 27 years, we’ve provided our partners with this very option. So if you are looking for something not found in other product categories, contact an account manager today and let us build you the system that meets your exact needs.


When your system requirements extend beyond off-the-shelf systems, Equus makes it easy to configure your system according to your needs. From swapping out one or two components to a complete overhaul, we make it easy for you to get everything you want without having to settle for features you don’t need.


Equus gives you the option to personalize your computing solutions with your own brand, enabling you to have complete control over service repairs and upgrades. A personalized brand protects your margin and ensures that products with your brand name are not being shopped by other parties.


Meeting timelines is no doubt a critical component of your business. So when there is pressure to fill a large order with identical requirements ASAP, you cannot afford to wait for each system to be loaded with custom software images. At Equus, we help our partners save both time and money by delivering hardware solutions that are pre-loaded with custom software images, ensuring each system is built with identical requirements.


Because every order is unique, you need a provider who can meet your specific needs. Whether its ensuring products are delivered within 7-10 days or making sure the ordering process is simplified, Equus is committed to providing you with tools you need to be successful. From worldwide shipping to system specific pack-out to component level serial tracking reporting, Equus is ready to meet your every need.

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Custom Doesn’t Mean Expensive

The concept of custom implies expensive, whether its custom paint jobs or custom kitchens. The truth of the matter is that by building servers based on the customer’s specific needs with components they need and features they are seeking, these custom hardware solutions can often times cost the same or less than off-the shelf solutions.