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Rackmount Servers

Designed for server closets to data centers, these space-saving solutions support on-site and cloud-based applications across virtualization, storage, networking, and network infrastructures.


Pedestal Tower Servers

Our custom-built pedestals deliver the quality and performance of larger data center rack systems, with a focus on cost-effective deployment into small and medium sized businesses.



High density storage servers (HDSS) are optimized for high capacity storage applications and designed to deliver the best dollar-per-watt ratio while delivering the highest storage capacity.



Supermicro is a leader in high performance and high efficiency server technology innovation, providing application-optimized servers, workstations, blade, storage and GPU systems.



Configured for specific environments and applications, blade solutions offer the best density available for enterprise, data center, HPC, and cloud computing.



Designed to accelerate scientific, analytics, engineering and complex enterprise applications, each systems generates massive parallel processing power and networking flexibility.



Recognized as a computing innovator and worldwide leader of technology, Intel raises the bar by providing smart and connected technology, from processors to the latest devices and the cloud.



Deploy open standards-based hardware combined with open-source software and software defined infrastructures to take complete control of your cost-optimized IT infrastructure.

Custom Hardware


Whether ready-to-ship or a customer-configured solution, each server built by Equus Computers is custom designed to accommodate the needs of a client’s unique applications and integrate seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Servers Built For Today’s Workloads And Optimized For Cloud Environments

Whether ready-to-ship or a customer-configured solution, each server built by Equus Compute Solutions is custom-designed to accommodate the needs of a client’s unique applications and integrate seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Packed with the latest technology, each rack and pedestal server we build provides unparalleled performance and efficiency while reducing operating IT costs. This cost-effective approach allows our customers to control their server and data center needs, configuring for today with scalability for tomorrow.

We Help You Choose The Best Server

Our expert solutions architects will take time to understand your goals for performance, scalability, and lifecycle management. Then we’ll custom build a server to your specs with components from market-leading suppliers and ship it to you at lightning speed.

Backed By Industry-Leading Support

Your peace of mind is essential. That’s why every server we sell comes with a standard warranty at no additional cost. Your Server and Storage systems deserve our highest priority because your customers and your business depend on them. With our EQCare Server service, you gain access to round-the-clock Customer Support and our fastest shipping options. Upon contact, Equus Customer Support will assist in determining the root cause of your incident.


24/7 Support

24x7x365 Equus Customer Support (including holidays)

Customer Support

4-hour Anytime Response to talk to Equus Customer Support

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics

Depot Repair

Depot repair services with five-day SLA turnaround

Next Day

Next Business Day Advanced cross-ship of field-replaceable components

Let Us Build What You Need

Configurations Built To Have Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t

Equus makes it easy to configure your system according to your needs when your system requirements extend beyond off-the-shelf systems. From swapping out one or two components to a complete overhaul, we make it easy for you to get everything you want without having to settle for features you don’t need.

Equus gives you the option to personalize your computing solutions with your brand, enabling you to have complete control over service repairs and upgrades. A personalized brand protects your margin and ensures that other parties are not shopping products with your brand name.

Meeting timelines is no doubt a critical component of your business. So when there is pressure to fill a large order with identical requirements ASAP, you cannot afford to wait for each system to be loaded with custom software images. At Equus, we help our partners save both time and money by delivering hardware solutions pre-loaded with custom software images, ensuring each system is built with identical requirements.

Because every order is unique, you need a provider who can meet your specific needs. Whether it’s ensuring products are delivered within 7-10 days or making sure the ordering process is simplified, Equus is committed to providing you with the tools you need to be successful. From worldwide shipping to system-specific pack-out to component-level serial tracking reporting, Equus is ready to meet your every need.

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