Energize Your Software-Defined Systems with Western Digital Storage

Western Digital’s Ultrastar® storage servers are flexible enough to work for fast data and big data applications. With adaptable designs that support extreme density and blazing fast performance, Western Digital storage solutions are the perfect building blocks for disaggregated storage and software-defined systems (SDSys).

Built for the enterprise, Western Digital’s storage drives reach up to 18TB in capacity for a single drive, allowing you to reach petabyte-level storage in a single enclosure. Each drive also leverages HelioSeal technology, which provides better energy efficiency and vibration protection technology for ultimate reliability.

Are Western Digital Storage Solutions Right for You?

Western Digital continues to push its storage devices to the limit to keep up with increasing data demands. Their storage devices are designed to handle heavy workloads over extended periods of time. In fact, every Ultrastar® storage component is backed by a five-year warranty.

Western Digital features the OpenFlex Data24, Data60, and Data102 models. The Data24 is designed for ultra-speed performance by leveraging SSDs over NVMe technology for the lowest latency. Additionally, it offers three CPU choices ranging from entry-level to high performance.

For high-density storage, look to the Ultrastar® Data60 and Data102 models with maximum capacities of 720TB and 1.2PB. All our high-density models come with the flexibility to balance performance with cost and leverage hybrid storage.

Whether your computing demands require the fastest speeds or extreme capacity, Equus has the solutions you need. Our experts can help you customize your Western Digital server storage to power you today and prepare you for tomorrow.

Western Digital Solutions By Platform

Western Digital RAID Systems

RAID systems help you increase the capacity, reliability, and performance of your storage. Equus Compute Solutions offers versatile Western Digital storage options to create robust RAID solutions that help you keep your servers up and running.

Western Digital JBOD

JBOD storage allows you to treat many drives as a single logical volume or multiple volumes, depending on your application. Western Digital flash storage, JBOD and JBOF solutions help you fully use your drives, whether they use HDD technology, all-flash, or something in between.

Western Digital JBOF

Western Digital JBOF storage allows you to use multiple flash drives and treat it as an individual disk volume. JBOF achieves incredible latency and flexibility by enabling you to add and remove storage with ease while basing everything on SSD and NVMe flash technology.