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Reducing the cost of data inflow and outflow, protecting your data and ensuring speed, capacity and performance. These are all critical, complex challenges your organization faces when building and managing AI compute infrastructure. Let Equus and Supermicro partner with you to solve these issues and optimize your edge cloud projects. 

Getting your AI infrastructure designed, developed, and executed is the first step to using your data to its full potential. By shortening your time to extract data insights, AI infrastructure improves decision-making, facilitates automation, and transforms the customer experience. We’ve developed a whole line of comprehensive solutions for your use case.

We Help Companies Build and Deploy Cloud Infrastructure Globally.

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Designing Scalable Infrastructure for Deep Learning

Deep learning is powering applications in medicine, science, business, and more. Learn how you can create a scalable infrastructure that supports deep learning.


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Direct Storage GPU Solution Bundle

A complete preconfigured stack that delivers the right price performance orchestrated with our delivery services, so that you get the finished product ready for production.


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