To our valued Equus customers,

We are working across our organization to protect our employees while concurrently serving our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to share some information on how we are doing that. First I want to express the hope that you and those you love have been minimally impacted, and for those that have been impacted, we wish that you/they experience a rapid and full recovery.

We are all adjusting, personally and professionally, to the changes resulting from this pandemic. As we lookout for our customers, and each other’s health and safety, it’s also a time to prepare for a new business environment. Here are some of the items our team is working on.

Protecting the health and financial wellbeing of our employees:

  • All employees whose work allows them to work from home are doing so
  • We also have employees whose work must be done in our production centers in California and Illinois. Some of the ways we’re protecting them:
    • Moving to two shifts to halve the number of people interacting at any given time
    • Practicing social distancing and cleanliness within the factories by any means possible, including changing break times, keeping minimum 6 foot distances at all times, encouraging frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizers, and cleaning common areas/touchpoints multiple times/day
    • Instituting temperature checking at daily arrival to help with illness identification
    • Banning outside visitors
  • Granting 5 additional days of Paid Time Off, bridging the gap to company-provided short term disability insurance, which provides for an additional 20 days of pay while ill

We are still committed to meeting the needs of our customers:

  • Today Equus manufacturing continues to operate due to our commitment to employee health
  • We are adding capabilities and capacity to our Illinois production facility to ensure redundancy with California
  • We’re completing our Rack Integration Center construction project in our California facility by March 23, which will provide the ability to configure full racks while also following social distancing guidelines
  • Our supply chain team has been working for weeks to acquire extra components and contract for future deliveries to better position us to meet demand, as some of our markets are spiking with work from home and additional essential services needs

Managing unknowns:

  • The dynamics in the supply chain are very rapidly changing
    • We will communicate as much as we can and be clear about our commitments
  • How long we will be able to produce goods
    • We are prioritizing the health of our employees over the delivery of products
    • The health of our company is dependent on delivering products
    • We will protect our employees and produce for our customers as long as those two are both possible

Over the last 30 years we have faced many challenges. COVID-19 is among the most disruptive events of that time. The shifting and rapidly-developing nature of this pandemic mans that we may encounter obstacles that we can’t foresee. We’re working hard to anticipate all potential business impacts so that we can continue to provide superior products and service.

Thank you for allowing us to be a trusted business partner, and an extension of your team.

Dave Guzzi