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Edge Compute

Hardware & Deployment Challenges

Edge hardware is dispersed, constantly evolving, and complex. And it’s essential to stay ahead of technological disruption. Businesses must deploy low latency, high bandwidth solutions while keeping costs under control. The key to solving these challenges and delivering a stellar user experience with edge technology is how you source and install your infrastructure. Equus has experience in global delivery, edge deployment and integration, and partnerships with top-tier technology manufacturers. These capabilities enable us to design custom solutions for all manner of edge needs.

Edge Compute

Our Place in Edge

Edge computing has many layers, making strategic infrastructure choices key to lowering latency and improving user experience. We help businesses operate more efficiently at the regional edge by providing for and fully managing their hardware needs. 

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Edge Computing

Infrastructure Solutions

To experience the benefits of edge computing, you need a partner who can design, deploy, and manage a global edge infrastructure solution.

Equus helps companies build edge hardware customized at the manufacturer’s level. Empowering you to develop solutions that fit your company’s unique requirements, all while receiving support through our end-to-end program and product lifecycle management. Stay ahead of the competition by using edge hardware to:


  • Ensure the global availability of your applications
  • Improve content delivery and application performance
  • Enable AI and machine learning applications
Infrastructure Solutions

How does Equus compare with our competitors in edge computing infrastructure solutions?
Our distinct product and service approaches highlight the answer:



We identify and assess the customer’s pain points to understand their unique challenges and how they relate to edge computing.

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Product Design

We present edge cloud design options prioritizing flexibility, lower latency, performance, and functionality.

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We stay up-to-date on global certifications, logistics, and deployment strategies to integrate your edge technology quickly and efficiently.

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Our team is an extension of your own. We’re continuously monitoring your edge infrastructure and managing edge vendor relationships to guarantee network reliability.

Edge Computing

Use Cases

CDN Providers



Media & Entertainment

5G Processing

Edge infrastructure

Tech Requirements

Edge infrastructure requires technology that transmits data to applications with low latency — ensuring that a customer’s mobile experience is optimized and glitch-free.   

Your infrastructure also needs the capability to configure network connections. This technology increases your infrastructure’s bandwidth and ensures that it can instantly process data from mobile devices, IoT devices, and edge cloud data centers.     

Whatever your technical requirements, Equus has the knowledge, capabilities, and flexibility to optimize your edge computing infrastructure — including needs at the regional, national, or global level. 


Quicker time-to-value

Price performance

Improved price-performance

Simplify Coordination Efforts

Built and optimized

Built and optimized for your application

Equus Edge Technology Partners


Supermicr Asus Intel nVIDIA AMD


Microsoft CanonicalKubernetes





Edge compute infrastructure configuration example:

Powered by a processor with 64 cores, 128 threads and support for a maximum TDP of up to 280 watts per socket

GPU-optimized design allows one dual-slot or two single-slot GPUs for AI workload

Up to 12 all-flash NVMe drives on front panel is designed for high storage throughput performance

Up to three PCIe® 4.0 slots to enable higher bandwidth and improved data-transfer rates

Flexible onboard LAN-module design to enable four 1 Gb LAN or two 10 Gb LAN options

Flexible cooling solution achieves lower power-usage effectiveness (PUE) and optimized TCO for data centers

Onboard server management controller

Integrated PFR FPGA as the platform Root-of-Trust solution for firmware resiliency

High power efficiency with redundant 1600W 80 Plus Titanium and Platinum power supplies